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  • 1st seasons of Supernatural had the greatest soundtrack on TV.

    The episodes while not bad at all are all a bit cliche.

    In the immortal words of Socrates "I Drank What?!"

    They always play the best music


    Way to go Bubbah!!!

    chicken scissors
    chicken scissors
    chicken scissors

    jensen ackles looks way sexier all rugged in supernatural than in smallville.

    I’ve liked all the episodes I’ve seen thus far. But something about that Thursday night line-up doesn’t seem to work for me consistently catching episodes. I’ll have to check out some of the re-runs during the writer’s strike and catch up. And you’re absolutely right, very yummy lead guys. It took me a while to recognize the guy who defected from Smallville (Lana’s ex), but it was definitely good to see more of him on another scifi show.



    Supernatural is the coolest show on TV

    Ok, put aside the fact that I’m a woman and Supernatural is a show about two EXTREMELY mouth wateringly hot guys, the show kicks total ass. It’s spooky, gross at times, funny, and suspensful. You know all you junkies agree. Go ahead, admit it, agree with me!

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