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Supernatural and Reaper

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     i cant wait for SN to start this month. i’m almost caught up now. its still not getting old for me, i am just straight up addicted.

    i’ll have to try out reaper too if you all like it


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    I just hope they can keep the content fresh.

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    we just got into Supernatural and have been watching season 3 whilst catching up on Season 1 and 2 on dvd. LOVE.IT. its awesome. and scary. i eep watching every episode. and i have a huge crush on Dean. and Sam. or both at once, i’m not too sure. 


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    I think Reaper is hilarious, the fat friend, Sock, is too funny

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    reaper is too funny, like supernatural, really like dexter

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    in every episode of Reaper I tried to watch. There is nothing really funny or original about the plot or the characters.

    I think every self-respecting junkie should be watching Dexter!

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    Supernatural freakin’ rules. I never mis an Episode and it’s very Junkie’ish.

    Reaper I have been wanting to like, but it’s really about 30 minutes too long, it’s a half hour show written into an hour.
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    written project. He directed the pilot, but did not write it. (Although after watching it, I can see why anyone would think so…)
    Reaper is a pretty good show, I think, but it’s so hard to get the “monster of the week” to feel fresh and new every week. How many times can we watch this guy get his beat-down in the first 15 minutes only to come back in the last 5 minutes to capture the bad guy?
    And Reaper was basically given the time slot of death– Tuesdays @ 9. Right up against “House” and then “American Idol” when it starts back up. No way to win that battle…

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    Really enjoying Supernatural. Most of the writers etc. were involved with the x-files so if you liked that, you will probably enjoy Supernatural.

    I am also enjoying Reaper, though it’s more in the guilty pleasure category i think. I have a feeling it won’t get picked up for a second season but I could be wrong. Not original plot by any means. Guy becomes bounty hunter for Satan having to capture escaped souls. Originality comes in how he captures the souls; he gets a vessel each episode to trap the soul. So far it’s been a dust buster, an RC truck (actually just the controller), and a broken toaster with an electrical short. Main character is a 20 something slacker that works at a Home Depot-esque store called The Work Bench. Kevin Smith wrote the Pilot episode.

    both shows are on CW (formerly WB network)

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