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    Gotta love it when Junkies create duplicate threads. Not that I blame them. We have a LOT of threads going 😀



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    I remember reading ‘The Hot Zone’ years ago when it came out and was blown away by the fact that it was real.

    These viruses are out there.

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    to be freaked out by it. However, if I started vomiting blood into my air sickness bag…they may notice that. Is that an uncool practical joke?


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    But I wanted to somehow bring this home to the subject matter.


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    also…fyi, similar thread here, but covers all ranges of books.  might be worth checking through if you are looking for something else new:

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    was carriers the bsis for the movie by the same name?  if so wasn’t a bad flick either.

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    I like the idea that you read it on a plane.

    Is that to freak people out? 

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    but a little too cinematic. So much focus on the stoopid monkey. The scary science of Hot Zone is the star of the show; the virus doesn’t need an artificial story constructed around it; the filovirus itself is the story. Morbidly fascinating!

    I did like how they illustrated the mutation when the virus in Outbreak goes airborne. Setting that in a movie theater was just brilliant. 😀

    I also freaked out just a little bit, cuz when I read Hot Zone, I realized I had been to Reston, VA not too long after that outbreak. It was just amazing (to me) that there had been an Ebola outbreak in the US that no one knew about

    I love to read the Hot Zone on the plane (someone mentioned that in a different thread here) just to get my blood pumping and make me all paranoid. It’s a sick little thrill that really does enhance the experience (at least for the first 50 pages).

    When I listened to Infected, I didn’t think it would gross me out, with this pedigree of virus books behind me. And yet, I actually was feeling nauseated by Sigler’s descriptions of what was happening to Perry. I’d have to say that’s how I knew I was hooked. But if you get ebola, chicken scissors ain’t gonna help you.


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    Great book and yes, VERY scary!  The movie Outbreak, with Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo is based on that book.


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    If you’re a sicko like me, and find stories like Infected and Contagious even scarier cuz they’re so damn real, There’s a few books about the same topic that you may enjoy.

    THE HOT ZONE by Richard Preston – a classic; one of the scariest books I’ve ever read, because it’s about the very real Ebola virus. It’s a non-fiction book, with names changed to protect the spoiled innocent, but it’s a great story made all the scarier because it is non-fiction!

    CARRIERS by Patrick Lynch – a fictional story about an outbreak of an Ebola-like virus. Very well-written, and a fictional bookend to The Hot Zone.

    THE CARRIER by Holden Scott –  A novel about a young scientist who finds a cure for cancer that has a nasty side effect.

    Anyway, I credit these books as setting the tone for me being introduced to Scott Sigler, so I thought I’d reciprocate.


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