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Suggested Reading List

  • …And

    Robert Heinlein

    of course: Mark Jeffery

    I’ve read H.G. Wells Time Machine & Invisible Man both are very good.  i’ve seen the E.E. Knight series @ da bookstore and want to check it out.  also, Preston/Child seem interesting, too.

    (HM & UNdead Warlord) 


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    …Catalyst.  also would add:

    Robert Jordan

    Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child(alone or together are both good)

    Brian Lumley (except The Touch couldnt get into that one)

    E. E. Knight (Vampire Earth Series)

    H.G. Wells

    Jules Verne

    Caleb Carr

    Neal Stephenson

    George R. R. Martin

    You should also check out:

    Jack L. Chalker

    Stephen R. Donaldson

    C.J. Cherryh

    Lee Child

    Neil Gaiman

    James F. David

    Robert Jordan

    and lastly just because:

    Jon Krakauer 

     he killed choowie

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    • King Of UNdead for Sigler

    So many junkies have read a lot of books.  The what are you reading now thread is great, however, for me at least I always don’t have a pen handy to write down what you all are reading.  So I set this thread up to just post some of your favorite books and authors.  We all know that General Pope Sigler, is Da’ Man! But who else is worthy of reading?  I for one like to read now, although it wasn’t always the case. I just started reading about a year ago.  Some of the authors that I have read or want to read are:

    Isaac Asimov

    Stephen King

    Larry Niven

    Michael Crichton

    Christopher Moore

    R.A Salvatore – just started reading him and he’s good

    Kim Stanley Robinson

    Oscar Wilde – Portrait of Dorian Gray

    Robert Charles Wilson

    J.D. Salinger

    John Steinbeck 

    Ray Bradburry 

    David Wellington’s Monster Trilogy & his Vampire series are great reads. 

    FYI: i discovered the FDO, while trolling through my public library and saw this Big Ol’ Eye w/ a Blue Triangle Staring at me screaming for me to pick it up and discover the genius of Scott Sigler, and well you know the rest is history.  

    So I would like for this tread to be a running list, not sure how it’s going to turn out but lets see.  Please include Title, author, & genre.  If you feel froggy leave a brief synopsis. 

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