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Starting work on my fan-fic for the Rookie…

  • if you need more names use the one im writing on i tried to make it a ki name i don’t know if there are a certain amount of syllables that need to be in to or not in it

    where’s the rest its been a year … that’s even longer than it takes the FDO to produce new work Wink

    There is a nice juicy clifthanger at the end that I think you’ll love 🙂

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    General George S. Patton Jr.


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    I’ve been a bad junkie… I havn’t been posting on this.  I posted the first episode almost a year ago.  buutttttt, I have sent chapters 1 and 2 to Junkie Mae, so if you wanna hear it, bug her Wink

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    General George S. Patton Jr.


    Sorry folks, between loosing relatives, dealing with my two dogs, the poodle is in heat… and various other POS problems, I haven’t been able to work on this.  but today (points to date of posting, I am restarting my work)

    The Siglerverse now includes the Eve Universe.

    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    I have toyed with the idea of a Rookie Fan Fic story about the Houston Hellcats. Of course it has to get in line behind the Earthcore story I am currently writing. If anyone is interetsed in my work they can check out these links.

    Any comments are welcome.

    I just really enjoy aliens and football.  can’t wait for the subplots.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    very nice.

    Gotta love those Smokey Mountain Boys.

    It was good!!! 

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    Hello boyos!

    well, here is the first rough installment. Yes… I know… it’s shitty… I just sat down this afternoon and wrote it.  any suggestions on how to make it suck less would be liked…..

    it would sound alot better if read aloud….. so yeah….

    Smoky Mountain Football Arena, Earth
    Earth Arena Football League Championships (EAFL)
    The Swain Devils (7-2) at the Smoky Mountain Mustangs (7-2)

    Broadcast on Fox Sports Galactic and trans-light radio 645.6 TL, “The Fan”

        3rd down and five on the Mustangs’ 24 yard line.  The Smoky Mountain Mustangs jogged up to the line.  Jake Robinson, the Mustang’s quarter back, looks up at the score board.  42 seconds left to go, his Mustangs trailing the Devils 43 to 50. He singled for a time out

        The referee, a short human, blew his whistle and said over his microphone, “Time out, offense that is their third and final time out.”
        “Well folks, if your just tuning in, you’ve missed quite a ball game, isn’t that right John?” said the announcer, Caleb Crawford
        “That’s right Caleb. Injuries on both sides have kept this game close, right to the very end.” replied his counter part John Jameson.
        “John, seeing as this is the first every live broad cast of an Arena game to get galactic viewing, why don’t you explain the rules once more for the folks at home.” Said Caleb.
        “Ok, I’ll try and keep this short and sweet for you folks.  Instead of the standard hundred yards long, fifty yard wide football field, an arena field is only fifty yards long and twenty-five yards wide.  This small of a field means high-scoring games, with touch downs on almost every possession. Running yards will almost always be less than a hundred yards for both teams the entire game.” Explained Jameson
        “Well is looks like the teams are lining up again, back down to the field!”

        Mark Johnson lined up behind his quarter back in a strong I formation. His jersey, like that of all of his team-mates, stained blue and red, and black.  Blue from the blue colored astro-grass that covered the fifty yard long field.  Red from blood.  His blood.  The tingle of nanosites burned through his arms, as is re-grew the skin that constantly was being torn.
        He watched his quarter back closely, watching for the head bob.  There was no way he could possibly hear them, not over this standing-room-only capacity crowd of just under 40,000 beings.  From his spot at the fullback position, he could see the entirety of his team.  The two Skorono, Waynesville and Canton, five yards to ether side of the Offensive line.  All three Ki, Ja-Ah-Tunweti, Ka-Li-Weta, and Fhe-Ko-Lato, had definitely seen better days. All three had several of their many multi-jointed arms hanging limply at their sides, their jerseys covered in black blood. Mark’s jersey had some of that blood on it as well. 
        He saw the other full back, a smallish Qyuth Warrior named Halbord the Stunted, lined up in the tight end position, obviously in to run block. 
        He saw the defense of the Devils screaming at each other, making adjustments for this new offensive scheme.
        He saw the crystal panels rattling on the out side of the arena from the noise of the crowd, mostly in Mustang blue and silver, screaming and cheering their team on.
        He saw the blades of astro-grass shaking from the bass tones of Queen’s We Will Rock You, one of those football traditions, like that of the adoring fans, that never changed as almost everything else in the sport did.
        He saw all this… And laughed to himself under his breath.  The defense was doing just as his coach had planned, all keying on himself to receive the hand-off.
        The quarter-back’s head bobbed, once, twice, thrice, and then the line launched into is endless war. Mark pumped his legs like pistons in the ancient NASCAR V-8’s he still raced in the underground illegal racing leagues.  Raising his hands up to his chest, he prepared to take the hand off, then, at the last second, Robinson pulled the ball away.  Mark’s momentum carried himself on into the line. Full back fake.
        The defense, so intent on Mark, didn’t notice that he no longer had the ball.  Mark ran the left defensive end over as his powerful frame smashed into the line. Turning, he looked to the back field, he saw Robinson hand the ball of to Halbord the Stunted.
        Halbord ran pell-mell to the right side of the field. The defense, catching on to the play, rounded and chased towards the small Qyuth Warrior.  The Swain Jack Linebacker, dove for him, for a game saving tackle.
        At the last possible second, just before the larger Qyuth Warrior made impact, Halbord stopped, using the amazing lateral movement that his smaller than normal frame possessed, and shovel passed the ball to the right side wide receiver, Waynesville.
        Using the acceleration that only a Skalorno can possess, she ran to the left side of the line, leaving the slower Qyuth in her dust.
        The defensive, entirely confused by this triple fake, stumbled; all save for the lone Skalorno from the back field. Running as fast as her body could, the safety seemed like a red and white clothed blur from the backfield, making contact with Waynesville.
        The crowd let out a collective moan that turned into a yell of excitement, as Waynesville threw a last ditch lateral pass.  Mark Johnson, caught the ball and turned up field, using his powerful body with 3.6-40 speed, powered down the field to slow to a walk as he entered the Red painted end zone standing up.
        The crowd let out a scream that shook the arena from floor to ceiling.  Mark pounded his chest with a primal fury. 
        The team lined back up for the two point conversion, in the exact same formation, not letting the defense catch its collective breath, Robinson snapped the ball on a quick count, slamming the ball into Mark’s chest.  Mark lowered his shoulders, and rammed right into the line, feeling a ki’s leg break as it tried to hold him out of the end zone. He crossed the goal line, the defensive tackle, a quivering mass below him.
        Two-point conversation good, game tied, 51, 50.

        “Did you see that Caleb? Did you see that?!?” shouted John Jamison.
        “That I did John. You don’t have to scream it down my ear! Mark Johnson is the toughest human I’ve ever seen. His punishing running style can only be compared to the late great Mitchell “The machine” Fayid.” Responded Caleb, “Its not wonder that he is slated to be the number one pick in this years GLF Tier Two draft.”
        “That’s too true Caleb.  Back to the game.  The Mustangs are lining up to kick off back to the Devils.  They’ll have 15 seconds to try and score.  In this league, that is more than enough time, as the entire field is in field goal range.”
        “And there’s the kick.  Its returned by Jamestown, he’s up to the five, the ten, the twenty the, OH MY!!! What an amazing tackle by Waynesville, the ball is loose and the Mustangs recover!!!! That’s the ball game folks! What a game, what a game!!!”

     Are you kidding me?  I MISS southern accents after moving to Canada.  Can’t wait to hear a southern accent podcast.  Bring it on!


    I’m not real bright, but I’m consistant.

    Good Ki and Quyth names.

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    Maybe I’ll try to work out some sort of companion podcast thingee…. 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    Via the flury of meet and great, I want to spend time  that I want to help my future in-laws feel happy…. to quote

    Ray Ramano… I have been told this is how I feel.   how ever, Via the help of some kick ass emo rock (evansence), I have been able to compleat the scheme for the team….

    Carolina Wildcats, Tier Two, Homeland Division, Earth,

    City: Charolette

    Origin of name: In Honor of the Carolina Panthers, which called the city home during the original NFL. 

        1st: Trevor Smith
        2nd: James Leicht
        3rd: Steve Gordon
        1st: Mark "Wolf" Johnson
        2nd: Gale Rutledge
        3rd: Anton Marula

        1st: Abdul "The Wall" Julian
        2nd: Damian Henry
        1st:  Re-O-Blite
        2nd: Ja-cho-Wite
        1st:  Ju-Ro-Leto
        2nd: Sha-El-Shon
        1st: O-Ga-Well
        2nd: Fa-Ror-Thime
        1st: Mu-Ur-Lok
        2nd: Inc-A-Toro
        1st: Del-E-Mokol
        2nd: Wi-Sha-Dola
        1st: Brett Smith
        2nd: Eric Beck
        3rd: Jerrold Case
        1st: Charlotte
        2nd: Raleigh
        3rd: Atlanta
        1st: Sylva
        2nd: Boston
        3rd: Cleveland


        1st: Gavin Miranda (heavy G Human)
        2nd:  Mu-Li-Ciba
        1st: Wol-Yi-Tonga
        2nd: Yi-So-Dono
        1st: Ter-Ho-Songa
        2nd: Re-Sa-Lu
        1st: Julius Dunlap (heavy G human)
        2nd:  Hi-Ta-Longa
        1st: Caltar the Homicidal
        2nd: Terry Johnson (heavy g Human)
        1st: Bentwarp The Crazed
        2nd: Alexander FitzGerald
        1st:  Volok the Violent
        2nd: Homoth the Dark
        1st: Roswell
        2nd: Greenville
        1st: Memphis
        2nd: Houston
        1st: Asheville
        2nd: Bristol
        1st: Richmond
        2nd: Columbus

    Special Teams:

    K: James Kasey

    P: Brad Hunter.

    Offenseive scheme:

    True Southern Football, run first, the run second too. Main formations, Power I, Single Back, and SplitBack Pro-set

    Deffesive scheme:

     Blitz hard, and Blitz Often.  Smash Mouth football, invovleing at least one blitzing line backer on most plays.

    thats all i have so far, I’ll get the link to the blog that I’ll be posting this on.  I may be reconsidering the podcast idea, I’m not sure y’all could understand my thick southern drawl….. 

    I’m tired of waiting. Write this already. Entertain me, dammit.

    Double Post.  Disregard and just read the sig line.  It says it all.


    I’m not real bright, but I’m consistant.

      Bring on the Fan Fic!  I need another Rookie fix to hold me over till the Starter, well, starts.


    I’m not real bright, but I’m consistant.

    What sort of setup are you looking at using for recording? 

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    There are so any good podcasts about writing and podcasting and I am sure you can get tons of information from them.  Good luck and let us know what is happening.

    The Rookie Universe is such a great place.

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

    • i think

    Guide to writing science fiction… I think.. or something like that… some other dirty junkie will know… 

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    podcasting for dummies, i think

    PG also has been involved in something like that (can’t remember) 

    the voices are playing with my memory again

    this is a serious forum for the quiff warrior.  comments should pertain to podcasting only, dear brother

     Your funny, now FOAD

    I do what I want! 


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    Well said!!!!  Now you two go back to your rooms and think about what you’ve done….   

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    OYE!! You two can take you flames back to your personal flame space, not here! I’m trying to get some help with starting a podcast.  I don’t care what kind of emotional bullshit you two are dealing with, but take it somewhere else, goddamn it! 

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    i’ve just been laying in the weeds shitmonkey

     Someone for got to lock the closet, mumo’s out again


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    That was Evo’s list, not mine…  I’ve also been meaning to listen to Tee’s Podcasting stuff too… 

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    quite the podcast professor you are spam



    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT


    Jam, next time we need more details, try putting some thought into what you write.



    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT 

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    PC or Mac?

    I’m on a PC, and I’ll be using Audacity… works beautifully for what I want to do and it "is" free!  Pay attention to Evo’s rules of podcasting…

    Commandments of podiobook production

    January 13th, 2008 by Evo

    Well, commandments might be a little strong, but I’ve been called egotistical before…

    Tips and and Tricks of Success
    So you want to make a podiobook, either out of your work or out of some Creative Commons material, do you? Excellent. You’ve made a wise choice in embracing the concept that “information wants to be freed”. The good news is that the path has been well-blazed before you by authors who have learned things the hard way. We highly recommend you do not fight against the tide, but rather stand on the shoulders of giants and embrace these eleven tips for success.

    1. Listen to Other Serialized Audiobooks
    Forget the fact that you have the seminal work in your hands for a moment and think about the delivery of the message. After all, that’s why you’ve chose to create your own podiobook — to get your work and your name in front of the masses. Please understand that the masses have expectations for how you should deliver your missive to them via this method. That’s a long way to say this: listen to other books and give people what they want. I can’t tell you how many times I go through the set up process for new authors, only to discover that they have never listened to any book. I don’t get this. Hey, I’m all about breaking the rules and marching to the beat of my own drummer, but it pays to at least know the rules and be able to recognize other beats for what they are.
    2. Write, Edit, Re-write… and THEN Produce — In That Order
    Writing is hard work. Editing is harder still, and re-writing can be — to speak the common tongue — a huge pain in the ass. But all of those steps are important and should not be — must not be — skipped over, skimped on or skimmed over. Yes, there are a few notable examples that fly in the face of that. Yet I can categorically state that your book would be much improved if you took the time to have it edited (by someone other than your mom, please) and then re-written — an iterative process that need not stop for a few rounds.

    In fact, the work and dedication required to self-produce a serialized audiobook version of your works is pretty simple in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of work to be done behind the microphone and in front of an audio editor. But don’t assume that mad audio production skills can some how make up for an inferior story that could have been made better with some judicious editing. Make the best written book you possibly can, even if you never plan on it seeing life in printed form. Then you can make it into a podiobook.

    3. Find Your Quiet Place
    The first step in having quality audio starts with having a quiet source. While it may be impractical to spend a thousand dollars turning your family room into an isolation chamber, it certainly is worth the investment to find a quiet spot to do your recording, as well as ways to minimize ambient noises from your recording equipment (e.g. computers are such noisy things).

    A relatively noise-free audio track allows you much more flexibility when producing without having to worry about bring up the background noise, too. Caution: noise reduction software rarely works as well as you would like it to. Some prior authors have done wonders from recording inside of their walk-in closet (the hanging clothes do a great job of absorbing echoes), making creative use of wall tapestries and investing in computer-less recording devices (like the Zoom H4). Noise should be eliminated (or at least reduced) before coming into the microphone, rather than trying to scrub it out.

    4. Treat Yourself To Quality Headphones
    Ask any audio recording professional and you’ll get the same answer: quality headphones is the most important piece of equipment you can buy. I’ll go out on a limb and say that editing without using headphones (like using room monitors or your computer’s speakers) is tantamount to taking a photograph without looking through the viewfinder.

    Headphones should block out much of the outside world, allowing you to hear the finest detail of your audio. When you hears something that isn’t quite right, like a chair squeak, barking dog or annoying plosives (as made on the letter “p”) — fix them! I always use headphones when I record — cranked as loud as I can stand it — to catch these noises at the source. I also recommend using headphones and listening to your final file all the way through. Yes, even though you spent an hour editing. Listen again!

    5. Buy a Decent Microphone
    Notice the word “decent” in that title. I’m not suggesting that you go spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a microphone. All too often people assume that all of their problems will be solved with One New Microphone. Truth be told, that’s rarely the case. But that doesn’t mean you should be satisfied with the $20 USB headset you use for online gaming, or the stick that came with your computer.

    There are many things to consider when shopping for a microphone, and I’m not going to get into any of them here. Want more information? Buy a book or ask a friend. The arguments on what you should buy will go on forever. My advice? Go to your local music store and try out a Shure SM-58 microphone. That is a quality mic and you would be well suited to start shopping there. After that, try out other models. When you’re happy, figure out a way to integrate it into your current recording setup. Additional components may be required. And now you know why it’s not my first recommendation to you!

    6. Practice Anal-Retentive Audio Editing Skillz
    I’m going to dispel a horrid rumor. This will probably get me kicked out of the podcaster’s club, but here goes: Editing audio is easy.

    There. I’ve said it.

    To go one further, you can achieve fantastic production quality utilizing free audio editing software. A
    udacity works on PCs and Macs, and unless you have a good reason not to use it (e.g. you have experience with and access to better tools), then you should be using it. Plenty of your Mac-addicted fellow authors also use GarageBand, which is also a fine tool.

    The trick to both of these (any audio editor, really), is to be incredibly meticulous and methodical in your editing process. In other words, don’t rush through it and don’t try and cram more than one step together. Think of it this way: you don’t try and format your text while you type your chapters, do you? And when you are formatting, you’d correct any misspelled words or subject/verb disagreement, right? Then please do the same in editing your audio. Mispronounce a word? Re-record it and replace it. Hear that unnatural pause when you turned the page? Cut out some of the dead space. Wish you would have left more space for effect? Add it in! Audio editing tools are designed to to just that — edit! Go slow, take your time, and play around until you are as good with your editor as you are your word processor. I promise you that it’s not any harder.

    7. The Levelator Is Your Friend
    While cutting and pasting inside of an audio editor is simple, raising and lowering of sound levels inside of the file is less so. And that’s where “The Levelator” comes in. This free piece of software works magic on spoken-word audio files by doing exactly what it says — it levels out the file. Note that I said “spoken-word audio files”. The Levelator is used before you add in sound effects, transition cues or bed music. Using it afterwards is, well… bad. You won’t like it. Trust me. The Levelator also makes your audio file the correct “loudness” — a trick that many people have a hard time pulling off on their own.

    Many audio engineering gods will profess that they can do a better job on their own without using The Levelator. I’m not here to argue against them and have heard many fine recordings where the Levelator was not used. So let me state it this way: If you are not using the Levelator and you do not have a good reason to not use the Levelator, then you should be using The Levelator.

    8. Enhance the Experience With Bed Music
    In the olden days of audiobooks, adding in music and other effects was strictly verboten. Yeah, well… rules are meant to be broken. This one in particular. If you take a look at the most popular podiobooks, they all feature the appropriate use of bed music before and after the episode. Music — when chosen wisely and applied correctly — can enhance your audience’s listening pleasure buy setting the tone and tenor of the book. Got a creepy horror book? Use creepy music. Full on bodice-ripper? Bring on the sultry. Check out the Podsafe Music Network and sites like Magnatune for music, and make sure you have the correct rights to use any music you may find.

    9. Make a Promo
    In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a lot of books on, and we’re always adding more. If this is your first jaunt into the podosphere, then you may not know it’s a community where your fellow podcasters like to share what they find interesting. And a great way to do this is with a short promo about your book. Keep it under a minute if you can, though slightly longer isn’t going to kill anyone. We’ll list it with your book plus add it to our own podcast feed as well, increasing the chance of someone hearing this tasty morsel and deciding to give your book a chance.

    10. Release Weekly
    Recording and editing audio — while not the most strenuous of activities — does take time and commitment. When your book is in “release” mode, your audience expects to hear new episodes for you each and every week.

    Yes, I’m not kidding.

    Hey, don’t blame me: that’s an artifact from podcasting that gained support by many of your fellow podcast novelists and authors who figured out what the people wanted and started giving it to them. If you can’t commit to a weekly schedule, then I highly recommend you do the recording and editing for all episodes before you give them to us. If not, you’re just asking for listener complaints and people canceling their subscriptions early.

    11. Interact with Your Fans
    We’re changing the rules of engagement with this medium. Podcasting gives listeners access to those who create their content in such a way never seen before. Capitalize on this. Embrace this. Look at the popular authors. In almost every case, they have incredible amounts of interaction with their fans. Read comments. Actively seek conversations. Participate in forums. Answer your emails. Go out of your way to embrace and encourage these people to keep spreading your words far and wide.


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    Just so yeah know, for you reading pleasure, When I start the posting of my fan-fic, it will be posted on my myspace blog, that is, until I get my podcast going….  Any suggestions for a free podcasting program?

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    Let me wrack my brain for a bit…

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    its not gonna have anything to do with Quinton Barnes, thats Siggys realm, I don’t wanna fuck that up. Its gonna be taking an old NFL team and having it granted expansion into tier 2 in the home world division.

    If any one wants their towns/cities used as a Sklorno name, post it here….

    Also… my starting left CB is named Roswell…. is that too cheesy?

    I’ve gotten all 6 Wide outs named, but I need 7 more CB’s, also, if anyone has a Ki name on the tip of their tongue, I would love to hear it… ki’s are bloody hard to name…

    And if your specially nice… I’ll name a character after you…. and you may not even get killed off….

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