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Starter Audiobook CD

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    well I happily sit corrected on the 7 books- I knew it wasn’t a trilogy just couldn’t remember how many! Boy the Krakens have a LOT to go through.

    And FYI, THE ROOKIE series is 7 books in length, not 5.



    A life vacant of laughter is not worth exerting the effort it takes to live it.

    We’re hoping to do audiobooks and ebooks sometime soon, but managing the print production for THE STARTER and all the work for ANCESTOR is about what we can handle now. We are hoping to get audiobooks and e-books ready in time for the holidays this year. If not, maybe for Sigler Ascension Day next year.

    But, all the comments below are correct: There will be a podcast, starting in September, for free each week.

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    So for those who don’t know, it works like this…

    Infected, Contagious, Ancestor and (to still be released: Pandemic, Descendant) are CROWN publishing books- ie rights owned by the big boys- they required Sigler to release an audio CD.

    The Rookie, The Starter (and to be released the other 3 books in the Rookie series, Nocturnal and whatever else the FDO has planned) are done by Dark Overlord Media- this is Sigler’s joint venture (with “A Real Girl” and whom ever we don’t know about)– meaning he doesn’t release audio CDs becuase he will podcast it for free. Once it’s done you can download the entire book for FREE from and burn your own CD. Heck could even take the time and edit out all the podiobook filler and “last time in…” to make a smooth playable audio CD.

    DOM is much better for the FDO and us as fans, because there is no BS editor telling him his story can’t be that long or that we have to wait until the day THEY decide to release the book- hence why Australia has Ancestor and the US won’t have it until 22-June-10 and we in the UK won’t have it unil 19-Aug-10. though they are all in English.

    I think he hasn’t finished the audio book from what i gathered or the actual starter yet so i don’t think he can release the audio book yet ?

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    …Scott is doing a audiobook for the Starter. however it will be podcasted in September.

    So when Contagious came out for preorder, I took a hard copy and a Audio CD copy in one fell swoop, let me keep my hardback pristine. Not doing that this time around, or is it in the works?


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