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Stalking Quentin Barnes – not fanfic

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    "Get sacrificed! I don’t subscribe to your religion!" – Ringo

    -did he swallow his tongue?……

    LOL, he asked me if I wanted to go hear a band Saturday night, I told him I was going to spend time with my grandson 

    Stalking Quentin Barnes…

    He’s comes to my cubicle about 20 times a day now, LOL 

    Stalking Quentin Barnes…

    -i have been meaning to ask you if you ever found him

    We have a new employee at work and his name is…. Quentin Barnes, well I’ve been stalking around trying to find him.  I thought about posting his email address on here but that would be a COBC violation, that would not be good, but it would be hysterical to have his inbox flooded by a bunch of junkies.  So I was asking random people I’d never seen before, do you know Quentin Barnes.  That wasn’t working so I tracked down which training room he was in and actually volunteered to do something I work really hard at getting out of, I went in and talked to the class, whipped out my best power points and whatnot and while we were going through them I was strolling around looking for the name tag.  Well I found him.  My preconcieved notions of what he SHOULD be were not what I found.  He’s a gothic all black wearing, maybe 23-24 skinny thing, LOL.  Well then today he walks up to me and advises that someone had told him I was asking about him and we started talking, he does play Warcraft and he does play Horde so he’s not all bad.  He does dig SciFi/horror and I gave him the site and let him listen to what I have of Nocturnal and Infected on my Zune and he said he enjoyed it.  However he did say he was a techtard and even if I did burn him a copy of The Rookie, he had nothing to listen to it on and wouldn’t know how to start… BUT another guy heard us talking about The Rookie and of course I told him where he could find it, about and the whole 9 yards… so maybe we will have another junkie join us!

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