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SPOILERS – Nocturnal – SPOILERS – Do not open if you have not finished Nocturnal!

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    Also there may be a clan war between first born and sly and their respective colonies.

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    I never read the original. I have bad ADHD and a 3 year old and a lot of hours in a factory job. I can t read books. has saved my life. Any who I’m new to sigler. I listened to the 4 GFL books, and finished off nocturnal in about 10 days. I’m assuming that he didn’t include tension between first born and sly, because I don’t see how its vital to the story at this point. In this story, Rex was the most vital character IMO. Brian too but I found Rex the most fascinating. This is what I’m anticipating will happen. I anticipate a sequel, which first born has taken original mommy to another location with the babies that she was about to have to start a colony somewhere else, while sly and Hillary will stay where they are and have 2 clans. They will be trying to start fresh new colonies, and they will need a lot more food than usual. So I think the killings will be immense. I also think Brian should raise Aggie’s baby so he can raise a successor.

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    Admit it: who thought he was going to kill Pookie but save Robin this time around?

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    Yea I think Firsborn being such an important character in the audio book to be just a sidenote in the paper book was a mistake. The tension between him and Sly isn’t as great and we don’t get to see how Sly was really using Rex for his own aspirations of ruler of Home. I also remember Firsborn saying that a “king” was a made up ideal to keep the people at bay and there could not be one. BTW I can’t remember what Robin’s college proffessor name was. While he wasn’t a major character in the audio I think his input as a geneticist was important to identify the Zed’s.

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    Well, in the council meeting, Hillary says that if mommy were to give birth to a new queen, she wouldn’t become one if she could still smell Mommy. That would certainly explain why Hillary never changed. In another conversation with Aggie, he asks her why she can’t take the baby up to the surface herself. She says that when she’s away from home for too long, she starts to change.

    What I don’t understand is, if Hillary new she had the potential to be a queen; why didn’t she leave home and start over somewhere else? I realize that leaving home would be easier said than done, but I would have thought that Hillary of all people would have figured out a way.

    As for Alder, I think all he meant was that Brian was on their side. I certainly don’t remember Brian getting that warm feeling in his chest when he was around them.

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    It was everything I hoped for and lots more! Yes there are a few changes, some small and some that are huge! Overall this novel was really entertaining and I am glad, no I mean I am ecstatic about this book. I did find a hiccup towards the end, has anyone else noticed?

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    I’m really curious about the lack of Lanza stuff, or the mob/gangs at all. I wonder if that is gone for good, or will end up in the sequal?

    Cause the Mexican with is wife and kid, they were just immigrants right? Not some sort of Mexican cartel?

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    But the cavern scene at the end, while not the “usual suspects” scene from the podcast, was epic and awesome nonetheless. I liked how it wasn’t just Bryan killing Zeds, but he had a posse helping him out.

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    And I get the Jedediah was a Zed. But it seemed to me that the book insinuated that so are Alder and Adam. There is a line where I think Alder says (about Bryan) that “he is one of us”. That could just mean that he is one of the ones hunting Marie’s children, but wasn’t sure.

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    I think he did end up having sex with Mommy. But what I don’t get is it ends sounding like Hillary is new the “mommy”. I didn’t think that was possible.

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    I really enjoyed the rewrite. The only thing I would say against it was; not enough from Firstborn. In the first edition Firstborn played a huge role in the book. Now it seemed like Firstborn was a side character. Other than that I loved the book. I spent the last two days doing nothing but reading Nocturnal. I did have a question about Rex though: Did Rex end up having sexy with mommy? Because if he did there is a chance that there will be more mommies and the story could continue forever.

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    I personally love the new book! I’m not gonna lie, I had questions from the original podcast that I thought might get addressed in the rewrite. But the rewrite, in all it’s girthy glory, while it did answer some questions, added so many more!!

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    Alright, if the title wasn’t enough. I have finished Nocturnal and would like to through some questions around that either the FDO or fellow junkies can pitch in their $0.02 about. Or if you finished it, and have a question, want to curse the FDO’s name for stuff he took out, stuff he put in (yyeeaahhh…) or whatever. I would love for this to be a place where the FDO can pull some good questions for a possible Q&A to end the new audiobook.

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