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Speed of Light "Speed Limit" has now been broken.

  • And while that my fact, the true it is nice to know that the possibility is there to travel faster then light while it is not hindered 🙂


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

    So i guess this is a big jump but also photons have a tendancy to travel at different speeds

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    than putting some plain ole sugar in the particle accelerators fuel cells :p

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    Scientists in Germany figured out how to slow light down to basically a complete stop… so basiclly…. ANYTHING can travel faster than the speed of light.


    For those of you that do not peruse online news sources perhaps you would like to know that the researchers at Cern have found a neutrino particle that goes sixty billionth of a second FASTER then the speed of light. They have ran the test at least 16,000 times with the same result. If it is found that no error has been made…well then that has HUGE implications on the Einstine’s theory of realitivity.

    Follow the link for the full story:

    I for one am very excited to see what will happen with this. If there is one particle that can go faster there are sure to be more…and well that means that FTL travel could be possible in the future… Once again the FDØ may have called it…

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