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Songs used in the podcasts?

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    I just used Audacity to get it from the end of a Bloodcast episode…

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    They have a tune called ‘In the Name of the Father’ which for some reason I think of while listening to ‘the Ancestors’. Dunno why.

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    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    I’ve found myself in line behind some goth/punk/death metal heads in the grocery store and able to say, “Hey, cool band”. They usually give me a -look- but I like to think I’ve turned some of them onto Siggie by saying where I heard them.

    Or maybe, I’m just that freaky old guy in line.


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    I love being introduced to new artists, musicians, etc. through podcasts. It definitely makes an impression when you hear clips regularly with every new episode. I’ve turned friends on to the new bands I’ve found and it’s kewl when they come back and tell me they loved it and just downloaded or bought the album.

    I’m just getting into the Transfer and am looking forward to rocking out some Glasshouse and Uncrowned with my oldest daughter. There’s just way to many damned talented musicians out there to get stuck listening to the mid- to no-talent pretty faces that the major labels like to flaunt out…


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    stranger things music, exurgency by zoe keating*
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    I bought these two so far, both from Sigler’s work:

    The Transfer – Perfect Day to Die
    Uncrowned – Lying In Wait

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    I haven’t bought any the tracks…yet. but the music that scott chooses is amazing

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    How many people have bought a song because it was used as the intro for your favorite pod cast?
    heres ones I’ve gotten:
    1) Purple by Ethic( 7th Son season 1 ok…. it was free from their site)
    2)Heavens a lie By lacuna coil(The Rookie)
    3)Low level format by Bjorn Folgelburg (beautiful red)
    4)Switchback by Celldweller (7th Son season 2)
    5)Naked under leather by Rubber band Banjo ( Billibub Baddings This was another LEGAL freebe)
    6)Chrysalis by Chrysalis (Crescent)
    I like most of the intro music from Scotts casts but I’ve gotten more introspective and less death-metaly as I’ve gotten older

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    I liked Lacuna Coil before Scott had used it in “The Rookie”, although that just made it even better to listen to.

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    i like the songs

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    Hi Scott,

    First of all, you rock! Your stories are the best!

    Since all the music used in your podcasts is just awesome I want them in my iTunes library. You mentioned the names of the bands ‘The Transfer’, ‘Glasshouse’ and ‘Uncrowned’ but can you post a complete list with all of the songs you used? I found these songs so far, but I still miss some I guess.

    The Transfer – Perfect Day to Die
    The Transfer – Down With Everything
    Uncrowned – Lying In Wait



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