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Some thoughts on the book

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    I think one of the problems with the book is that it take a while to hit its stride.

    I almost didn’t buy the book because when I downloaded the Kindle sample I found “The PNFL” part so slow and found it hard to figure out what was going on and all the characters.

    I finally got into it when the regular season started. So I worry a lot of other readers, that are even more hesistant than I am to read a scifi sports book, will face the same barrier.

    Generally I had a really hard time with the idea of Sklorno has WR especially since they have no arms and are so alien looking. I’ve gotten use to the idea but again I’d think this part would be hard to sell to the nonscifi inclined sports fan.

    I really like the extra touches that Scott puts into making the games more realistic like the newspaper articles, boxscores, and scoring summary. And including relgation/promotion as a plot device was a brilliant way to prolong the series because if it was setup like the NFL the basic progression Quentin would go is 1. Make the playoffs 2. Win a championship. And that’d be boring.

    I’m kinda dissapointed a love interest wasn’t included. Although maybe Scott was catering to a more male demo. Maybe everyone’s afraid of Twilight-itis. But I enjoy a good romance as long as it doesn’t dominate the story. Like in Prison Break I thought the Michael-Sara relationship was neat but it never became too overbearing on the show. Kinda like a pinch of sugar. Making the doctor a female human to be QB’s love interest would’ve been nice.

    One of my biggest criticisms is that Hokor seems to be the only coach. I wish Scott had included a offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and QB’s coach, among others. Now I can understand he didn’t want to confuse the reader by including so many coaches but what I think he should’ve done is make Hokor the offensive coordinator and make the HC some nameless, obscure figure that only appears in the story now and again.

    The reason I don’t like Hokor being the only coach is that football is suppose to be epic, and the coaches are like generals. When its just Hokor it makes the Krackens seem less like a football team and more like a high school basketball team. It just loses its epicness. I would also have liked a general manager character.

    All in all I thought it was a very well written book and Scott deserves praise for essentially creating this genre (scifi sports fiction) that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Maybe it has been done but I think Scott has done it really well, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if some people imitate Scott and write similar books.

    And isn’t that the highest compliment, to be a trend setter? Maybe scifi sports fictoin can be the male equivalent of all those paranormal teen romance books for teen girls/women.

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