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SOLD OUT! – Triangle in Logo

  • the audiobook in sprigfield va is sold out at borders

    hit em with a cane! lol…
    Nate Dogg… "life is hard. But its one helluva lot harder if you’re stupid"- -John Wayne

    You have to use what talents you have to get what you want.
      I just whack those ahead of me with my cane, and they make way so I get to the head of the line faster.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    Being cute and flirtatious does have advantages.
    But, don’t you think I feel slightly dirty having … displayed my wares just to get my junkie bitch hands on a copy?
    Hell no!  I’m from the Inarra school of flirting. Shake a tail feather, get a book… where’s the issue?
    Tastes Like Chicken

    Putty in their hands to be used and abused… but we take it… cause deep down, we like it!

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    Who says guys have all the advantages in modern society?!? I bet if Barbara was a guy she wouldn’t have gotten her copy of Infected……


    Being cute and flirtatious *definitely* has advantages 😉  

    I escaped work’s evil clutches and raced to the Borders.  They had sold all but one copy of Infected. They had one copy because the clerk remembered me asking about it, so he stuck one behind the counter for me.  HURRAH, it pays to flirt with the Border’s clerks.
    I was drooling over the book and saw the Crown logo on the side. The o is a triangle.  Almost as cool as Uni-Versal a the beginning of Serenity.
    Scott, it looks gorgeous and I cannot wait to read the updated stuffs.
    Dude, you are my Dark Overlord.

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