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So the Portath are going to fix him right?

  • Jasno: It’s going to be a hard road for Quentin, for sure.

    I kind of hope it’s this. Make Quentin Barnes a right-handed quarterback. If he quits playing football he’ll kill himself. He would be a great coach but that’s not what he wants. He is a quarterback and he would lose his mind so if it’s not fixed somehow then, Quinten well just sacrifice anything to play And so he will work and work and work and work and work in the off-season and become right-handed and still have that weird vision that He gets. And it will give him one last chance to ignore this upcoming war. You want to make peace? get a diplomat, I’m a football player! -Quintin Barnes

    I think the title of the next book will be very revealing – it could be “The Coach”, or “The General”. Maybe “The Hall-of-Famer”, but I doubt it.

    Most likely Scott will (a) knock us sideways with the title, (b) knock us further sideways with a title that *could* refer to Quentin, but actually refers to someone else….

    No better way to go out than as an MVP as a back to back championship team. Any additional football games will be secondary to the war ahead.

    Yeah, I don’t think they’ll be able to fix this. Doesn’t help that Froess’s league doctors know the extent of Q’s injuries….
    I have this feeling that if there are any other QB books after this it’s going to deal more with the Abernessia than football…
    Though the Coach does have a nice ring to it….

    As an Australian with no interest in NFL whatsoever I will miss QB actually playing footbal.
    I get the feeling this is on of those things that doesnt fix but that is so so sad.

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