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So Scott, when did you start working for Facebook?

  • my bad. Kali posted pictures I wanted to see. It’s all her fault!
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    I mean really, the FDO working for the lowely likes of facebook? If anything they are the underlings here, every future dark overlord needs underlings you know.

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    Count yourself lucky then, but didn’t you deactivate your account anyway?
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    I don’t but then I can’t upgrade my iphone app. I have a 3G and despite what apple say it is not capable of running iOS 4. I spent an interesting evening ripping it out of my phone and putting iOS 3 back on. Wasn’t the easiest thing to do but not too difficult. Of course that also meant ripping iTunes 10 out (which I hate anyway) because it won’t accept the old iOS. The end result is that if I upgrade my apps then they won’t run on my phone anymore.
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    It’s part of Facebook’s ever changing interface and the reason that Google+ is on its way to the top. They’re just another way for Facebook to annoy it’s users by marking things as a ‘Top Story’, except that their algorithm sucks and everything it marks with them is crap.
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    For those that don’t have a facebook account for example myself (there’s a long story why) “Where are these so called Blue Triangles on that thing called facebook?”

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    So i have these books: Ancestor (2007 Editions)(2) EarthCore (2005) Infected Contagious Ancestor (2010) The Rookie The Starter The All-Pro Blood is Red

    I couldn’t help but notice that you have a book or 2 that involve evil blue triangles and all of a sudden Facebook has this new thing where it’s covered in little annoying blue triangles. I can’t be the only one that’s noticed this.

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