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So is anybody taking part in NaNoWriMo this year?

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    This is so the wrong time for me or I’d have given this a go. The new job is hard and the time is short. What time I do have, belongs to the minions and the housework. Maybe next year! Good luck to eveyone taking part!!
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    They just launched this year, Camp NanoWrimo. It’s a separate venture but the premise is the same, write a novel in a month….and a new contest begins every month.

    I am definitely giving it another go this year. This will be my 5th year, I’ve had 4 wins so far so I am praying to pull that off again. Also mentoring newbies to Nano again this year, they are giving me a run for my money already.

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    But they say that the production version will be available Dec. 7. Free trial, thought I’d give it a try. Used yWriter before and that’s OK too.
    As for the blues… well, certainly there’s reasons (money, kids, money, work, money, life in general), but Depression is just something that I struggle with off and on. Expecially when I’m phyiscally not feeling well, kind of spirals. Thanks for asking. It helps to know I can reach out to the Junkies.
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    So has everyone here written something? I haven’t.

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    Is it still in Beta testing for Windows? In that case, Liquid Story is fine for Windows. Is everything OK Beth? Why the blues? I signed up awhile ago … but yeah … I SHOULD be studying. So we’ll see. It DOES seem like the perfect procrastination tool … :o)

    My first attempt, I don’t have high hopes for actually finishing, but I’ll do my best.

    Renewed on the website ( and guess what?? What!
    They have great discounts on some cool software, including a special free trial of Scrivener (heard about that from the FDO a while back) and winners get 50% off in December – partipants get 20% off. Everyone’s a winner that way. Cool….
    What are you waiting for? It starts in just 3 days 5 hours …
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    National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) check out the website:
    You sign up (free) and try to write a 50,000 novel in the month of November. I’ve tried the last 2 years and got to about 25,000 before life got in the way and I stopped…. It’s a good way to get a kick in the pants for those having a hard time sitting down and actually doing the writing part of being a writer. They also have a thing for kids and a thing for script writing (in the summer).
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    What is it?
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    Right now… too depressed to think about it
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    Trying to decide if I can truly dedicate the time… as always, NaNo would be better in the spring… no football then.

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    I know I haven’t been around at all in the last…well a long time. However, I have been trying to get my s%&* together and part of that includes actually doing the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. I know there are many of you on the site that want to make a living with the brains you got and a little bit of luck just like me, so why not give it a shot with me?
    I hope Im not the 2nd person posting something like this! How uncreative of a start would that be!

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