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So…are the Portath…

  • From what I’ve read in both Earthcore and The Champion I came to the conclusion that the Rocktopi are Portath relations through devolution. A lot of their demeanour is the same and they are visually similar. They also changed colour the same.
    The race chasing the Portath are Wasp like so not the same.

    I like the idea about the The Crypt episode but it’s been too long since I read that one!

    I don’t recall the roctopi being able to change colors (am I wrong?) -but they DID use the same kind of blade, so that lends a bit of credence to the idea.

    The Rocktopi are from the lost ship of the Portath…just very inbred.

    I’m pretty sure that the Portath = Rocktopi. The Rocktopi just happen to be super inbred and dumbed down by the time we see them in Earthcore.
    The Rocktopi ended up on Earth because they were fleeing from the bug aliens. Who I think we’ve seen bits and pieces of the bug aliens in a couple episodes of The Crypt.

    Of course, all of this is with the caveats that it’s been at least 1-2 years since I’ve listened to Earthcore and The Crypt, and I have not read The Champion yet, only just heard the most recent episodes.

    It would make sense especially since in Earthcore it’s determined that the Wasp-like aliens destroyed the home world of the Rocktopi, so what better place to hide from those carnivorous bastards and be extremely aggressive to anyone entering their “safe” zone of the Portath Cloud.

    I have just finished listening to episode 7 of The Champion podcast, and I think the crawling machines must be a giveaway. Either the enemy of the Rocktopi lost the tech to the rocktopi or yeah, a big surprise next week! Cant wait!

    In the meantime, I also listened to the gospel of the FDO ( he rocks! ) at the end of the episode and I would like to say just two things.

    1 – Thanks, FDO, for your great stories, forums, podcasts, books, and all the fun you have given to me as a junkie.

    2 – Hang in there, FDO. Do not let a setback draw you down. You Rock, no bout adout it – just have a little discipline….!? I look forward to adding your latest novels to my bookshelf, your latest podcasts to my PC and MP3 player, and sharing the stank with members of my family who already weep at the loss of Dawsey, the loss of a certain QB pinkie and the loss of Mummy – so sad, too bad. So stand firm, FDO, and continue to smear the stank!

    …Rocktopi? Are they the aliens that were chasing the Rocktopi (in Earthcore)?

    Note that I haven’t read the Champion yet. Just been following along with the podcast so far. (I need to DL the eBook and dig in…don’t want to mess up my hardcover edition. ;))

    After listening to last night’s episode, I’m struck with a flurry of thoughts and questions:

    1) Are the Portath and the Rocktopi the same race?
    2) Are the Portath the race that were chasing the Rocktopi? (NOTE that the aliens chasing the Rocktopi also seem to be the hungry aliens from the Crypt short “The Tank”.)
    3) If they are Rocktopi, did they steal their technology from the aliens chasing them or did the aliens steal the tech from the Rocktopi?
    4) If they are Rocktopi, the ship designs would make sense from an evolutionary standpoint, considering the centuries old, dumbbell design in Earthcore.

    Just a few thoughts that have been floating around in my head.

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