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So has Ancestor on pre order is this right… ?!

  • So for all the books the only difference have been the covers. I’m in Oxford, UK and have bought both the US hard covers and the UK paperbacks. the main thing that sucks is the UK edition is ALWAYS released in August for some friggin’ reason- hence why I own the hard cover editions. Can’t wait that friggin’ long!!!

    Am I reading this correctly – we in the UK are getting a different cover than the US?

    Then again, it doesn’t really matter, does it? So long as we get it!

    can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂


    Which means it is a trade paperback edition of the hardcover US version. No idea how they determine which market gets the book first. May have been because the FDO was touring down there.


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Just like the Infected and Contagious books from the UK – they are paperback duplicates of the hard covers – the only exception I have found between the two is you have to read the UK/Aus versions in their respective accent. That threw me off at first but after a few pages … just sayin…

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Also, it’s coming out in hardback here, whereas that appears to be a paperback.

If memory serves, most (if not all) of the FDO’s books have different covers when they are released outside of the states.

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but the cover is different to the US one.. is that the only difference?

see here for the Amazon uk link..


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