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    Smallville has never captured my interest.  That may because I have never cared for supes.  Afterall is is such a tool, and here is the proof:

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    I enjoy Smallville.  I even devour the cheese on crackers episodes … but it boils down to one thing and one thing only …

    Tom Welling is so Gods Damned Gorgeous, I can barely think straight when watching him. We need more episodes with Clark and red kryptonite.  I like a wicked Clark much more than goody-two-shoes Clark.

    Tastes Like Chicken

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    Lex is definitely what makes smallville I could careless about clark he is predictable but lex he is one of the most tragically twisted characters of all time…

    turning into a power hungry ruler of the world through any means necessary…sounds kinda familiar…

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    and he kinda looks like sigler too

    and if you dont like it turn it off now PUSSSIEES!!

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    I like Smallville, Even though it’s a bit hokey at times
    It has good special effects and good action most shows
    Plus Lex is really becoming evil now

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