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Slam Dunk

  • Wasn’t into it for the longest time but using it as a way to encourage myself to keep reading books one after another 🙂 plus, seeing what my friends are reading is fun.

    Junkies, follow this shining example and leave our FDO some reviews where you frequent your online book buying. BTW, I heart GoodReads!
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    When I finished I left one on GoodReads as well as Amazon; I did the latter because I remember authors saying in the past that that’s one of the best ways to help them.

    …when Amazon deliver…!

    Still waiting!

    Mr Fast Fingers (title bestowed upon me by guestford_junkie)

    you as well as anyone else who enjoyed the book, to leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or Booksmillion or whatever book site you frequent. Reviews help get the booked noticed so the more the merrier!
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    The fact that it is Jian’s insanity, and not just “what has science created?? We should have never played God!!” that you get in your typical monster flick lends a real plausibility. Plus the one problem I had with those old style monster movies was that they came off as more than a little anti-science. Ancestor is not at all anti-science–the very real possibility of saving lives is ever present in the book. It’s just anti-shorting-the-meds-of-a-suicidal-geneticist, if it’s anti-anything 😀

    The book today. And if possible I enjoyed it a little more than the podcast (unbelievable). I can’t wait for the Book signing in Corte Madera for Scott to sign it. The read was awesome. Thanks again Scott.


    This is awesome to hear! Both that you enjoyed it and that it was the first “treeware” version of Sigler’s stuff you’ve delved into.

    I agree with you completely about Magnus. I think both the science and Magus’ over the top viciousness is what sets this book apart from the ho-hum, science gone wrong type of novel. Again, glad to hear you enjoyed it!
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

    Just finished it. Absolutely fantastic. I have to admit I was skeptical about the premise–I was afraid it was going to be a simple story along the lines of “we attempted to recreate the ancestor of our species and it turned out to be a horrible monster,” but the story was not only much more compelling than that, it turned out to be really really scientifically interesting. Mea Culpa, FDO, I should never have doubted your dedication to hard scifi.

    And of course all the usual good stuff about a Sigler novel was there–the characters are fantastic, and you get sucked right in. First book of yours I’ve read on paper rather than listened to, and I was amazed at how long it was–more than 400 pages!–yet it went by faster than a novel a quarter as long.

    Loved, LOVED Magnus. In many ways he was more malevolent, more frightening than the ancestors!

    I only wish I could have been a Junkie back in 2005, 2007 so I could compare this version with that one.

    I’m sorry you didn’t meet your goal; you’ve still got two books left with Crown so I think you’ll be able to make it happen with at least one of them!

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