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Sklorno Voices (esp. Denver) in 'The Starter'

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    Hi Scott

    I love your novels (even though Contagious still scares the bejeezus outta me…), but I have a request…

    For some unknown reason I seem to have a physical and emotional response to your Sklorno voices from ‘The Rookie’ audiobook/podcast – part of me feels maternal towards them, and part feels… more amourous!!

    However, they’ve changed in ‘The Starter’ audiobook/podcast and it’s made me really sad.

    Is there ANY way you could have them done back as you originially did in ‘The Rookie’? Please? I LOVE Denver – she’s so adorable and cute and sweet and… ‘her’ voice makes my tummy flip. Please put them back as they were.

    And if you can do this, could you please try and get more of Denver being cute and needy towards Q? She’s adorable…

    Thank you Scott.

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