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Sklorno names

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    I love the Sklorno naming conention. I love it so much that I’d like to suggest my home town of Kennesaw (Georgia) as a name for the next Sklorno introduced to the GFL series. I have to two reasons to backup my suggestion:

    1) Kennesaw State University is the 3rd largest and fastest growing university in Georgia. The new president of the university is aggressively pushing KSU to get a football team of it’s own. Vince Dooley (of UGA fame) is head of the chair of the Football Exploratory Committee which stated that KSU should be able to get a team together by fall of 2014. It stands to reason that it’s possible in another 600 years, KSU’s team will be formidable enough to garner a Sklorno named after it.

    2) Kennesaw has a law on it’s books that requires the head of every house hold to own and maintain a firearm. To not own a gun in Kennesaw is breaking the law. Either you own a gun in Kennesaw and your a badass, or you don’t own a gun and your an outlaw… which is still kinda badass. On a side note, we have a very low rate of burglary.

    Love the books, can’t wait till for the MVP.


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