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Sklorno as I see her

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    i love it!!!! i wish i was so talented! the only thing i could critique (if i’m even qualified to critqiue…) would be the transition between the tentacles and the body, it looks a bit odd to me. otherwise fantastic, i can totally see that thing running up and down the football field jumping 12 feet in the air.

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    i knew that picture from siglerpedia, but I couldn’t see how that creature would be such a great jumper.

    really, the story behind the picture i: I’m telling the starter (and already told the rookie) to my son and he wanted to see what aliens look like and when we looked up sklorno his reaction was “that’s not grasshopper legs!”, so here you go 🙂

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    I removed the hair while I work on dreadlocks, but wanted to show the new shape of the body, somewhere in between my original and the one Scott showed. Not sure which planet is this 🙂

    (I seem to be techtard enough to not be able to paste a link as picture, the code from photobucket doesn’t work:

    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

    sorry about that)

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    i absolutely love the body! the i think the picture scott posted has them looking a bit… fragile. i mean i know they are, but i feel like they might need a little more muscle in the upper half?

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    cant forget bout them!

    Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes

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    “Bigger,” as in dreads instead of individual threads of hair. I always invisioned Sklorno as looking a bit Rasta.

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    yes, the head-hair looked denser while I was working on it but turned out see through dandelion on the large render. May be it’ll look better with smaller head but…

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    That is some very cool shit. I would say that the eye stalks could be longer. There is no specific description of the eyes themselves, other than that you know if they are looking at you (so they are not just some big black orb, if you get what I’m saying). I’d say you can make the head-hair a bit denser.

    The image below shows the upper body, head and neck as I see them, but without your awesome see-through treatment.

    Super cool!


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    This is how I see sklorno female when reading Rookie books. Not finished yet (no toes, no eyes, no raspers), would like to hear if I missed something so far. BTW, is there a description of their eyes anywhere in the books?


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