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Similar Authors??

  • @Occupy: You have to wait until July, I imagine, then it will be available for pre-order. It’s out in September.

    Hey FDO, I’m not finding AJ Colucci or THE COLONY on Amazon or anywhere else really. Any tips?

    Be on the lookout for AJ Colucci’s THE COLONY, out in September. Killer ants, great research, heavy gore. Also, anything by Jonathan Maberry.

    I complete forgot Paul E Cooley! I would definitely recommend his work as well, very well done and quite creepy.

    Try the Leviathan Chronicles by Christof Laputka. It is like listening to a movie.
    I enjoy Nathan Lowell’s Trader’s Tales. He is also a gentleman.
    I also like Paul E. Cooley. Tattoo is frickin awesome.
    Tee Morris is awesome. Morevi, and Billy Baddings are great.
    Also look to PG Holyfield.
    I also like Basil Sands.

    I hope the FDO can forgive the recommending of other works besides his.

    I definitely second the recommendation on JC Hutchins. Hutchins is best known for the 7th Son series…or perhaps its a trilogy I don’t recall. But my personal favorite is Personal Effects: Dark Art. That one was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

    Crichton is also a great suggestion if you like the scientific aspects of Sigler’s novels. He is most known for Jurassic Park of course. But my personal favorites of his are Prey, Next, and The Andromeda Strain.

    While I wouldn’t make a direct comparison to being similar to Sigler, in some aspects the story reminded me a bit of the same style as Infected, Stuart MacBride. I believe he has a few works out there but the only one I have read was HalfHead, and I really loved it.

    thanks. What are some of their standout works?

    If you haven’t yet already you should give John Michael Crichton and J.C. Hutchinsssssss writing a chance.

    Great. Yes it is on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, iBooks and a few others. Here is the page on my website with all the eBook links.

    Here is the Amazon description of This Paper World:
    Jim Hunt is an average 18 year old college student… or he would like
    to be. He dreams of a door. An important secret about who or what he
    is lies behind that door; a secret he doesn’t want to let out. During a
    trip home for Christmas break, he is confronted by his destiny, but
    will he follow the path that his old teacher Park would like him to? Or will he walk away to live a normal life?

    Described as Stephen King meets X-men or Star Wars meets Jason Bourne,
    this eBook will appeal to fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne
    Rice, Scott Sigler, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Harry Potter or the
    Twilight series.

    I will check it out. Is it available on amazon kindle? can you post brief description?

    Oh man, I hate doing this so much, but since you asked… my work gets compared to Scott’s a lot. I do the free podcast thing and one of my books (This Paper World) is available as an eBook in all the usual places. I am just a few episodes of finishing up the podcast of my newest book One Way. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    I’ve read all Scott’s books and really am craving more. Can somebody help me with some similar authors? Thanks.

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