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Signed copies in Brisbane

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    this is a copy/paste from my Australia blog comment, just incase people miss it..

    Even after getting the FDO to sign a copy of Dark Omens, he let me know that signed copies of Ancestor were available at Pulp Fiction and Dymocks in the city since they had run out of copies at SupaNova.

    I couldn’t check Pulp Fiction since it isn’t open on sundays (and I thus missed out on the rumored cute puppy there), but after I grabbed mine, there were still 6 signed copies of Ancestor at Dymocks.

    So if you missed out on getting a copy at SupaNova, give Pulp Fiction a shot (I’m fairly sure pictures of the staff member’s puppy would go over well if they happened to fall into the FDO’s hands), they open at 8:30am on monday, or if you’re wanting a copy on Sunday, give Dymocks a shot as they are doing a 20% off deal on all sci-fi/horror/paranormal books untill close of trade on Sunday as a SupaNova special deal.

    Thanks again Scott for signing your arch nemesis’ book for me !

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