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    Still nothing on this so Im gonna give it a little bump to see if anyone can help me out.

    I dont want to sound ungrateful or threatening but the longer this question is unanswered the less interested I will be in continuing to explore Sigler’s catalogue. Again, Im not saying ANSWER THIS OR I QUIT! Im just trying to say that without some guidance its going on the backburner and if it sits there too long than something else will take it’s place. (And Im posting here because I dont really want that to happen)
    With that, any advice on a good place to start? Im currently thinking Infected since it was the first print book but it just doesnt really grab me as something I would love. The Crypt and Title Fight seem more in my wheelhouse but I really dont want to start one of them if there are any spoilers, references, or characters that crossover from the earlier books.
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    I really enjoy the GFL series and didnt think that I would be interested in the rest of the Sigler books. (I know, I know, admitting that on this forum is practically heresy but I’m new. Give me a break) After poking around some posts and seeing that the other books are all in the same universe; I kind of want to read more.

    To be honest, the blurbs that Ive read on the books havent gotten me super excited but Im really hungering for more in this universe so Im going to force myself to sit down and read one of the other books while I wait for The MVP.
    With that in mind, I was wondering where I should start. Is there a timeline I should look into/respect? Any book that was meant to be read first? Any particular book that I should stay away from because it could ruin others? Or maybe one that is just a great entry point because either the quality of the story will get me excited or the barrier of entry is easier?
    Thanks in advance!

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