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Siglerverse Timeline

  • I recently discovered the Scott Sigler podcasts on I-Tunes. I started with EarthCore then GFL series…while waiting for new All-Pro eps I listened to Infection and Contagious. After Contagious I started listening to the Q & A and Scott mentioned the Kii were sending the triangles as if everyone knows this and that got me wondering, should I have known this from a previous book and what else should I know about gate technology or the Rocktopi, etc?

    What would be the recommended order for reading/listening to the non-GFL stories occuring within the Siglerverse (and I realize some earlier books are being re-written)? Also, seems to be a bit of a pita to try and align all stories withing the same ‘verse so why do it? Was it author driven, fan driven, publisher driven?

    Thanks! Love the books and looking forward to the next GFL…can you pre-order just the written version or can you also pre-order the audiobook?

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