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Siglerverse RPG?

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    So, first post here. Fun times. I was thinking about the timeline and how everything lies in the Siglerverse, and I was thinking about what a freaking great world it would make, what a messed up world, if we fastforwarded, say, ten years real time and looked back on all the books you will have out. We have the Triangles (those introduced in both Infected and Contagious), the Ancestors (and whatever you pull out in Desendant (sp?)), the Nocturnals, the creatures in Earthcore, the Snipes… plus whatever else you can come up with in the next ten years.

    So, to the question. Could we maybe see a Siglerverse Pen and Paper RPG anytime in, say, the next twenty or so years? I know you’ve mentioned you used to play good ol’ DnD. I’d love to play some in the horrors of the Siglerverse. It’d make Cthulu look like Teletubbies.

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