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Siglerpedia Wiki Alert!

  • The Siglerpedia Wiki back in business!

    So happy to bring this announcement to this group of dedicated fans. For the past few months, a ton of work has been going on behind the scenes to upgrade the wiki infrastructure and make it the best wiki on the interwebz.

    Previously, we had some issues with spam on the wiki so we are opening it to this group initially for final testing before it is launched publicly.

    Wiki URL:

    If you would like to contribute to the wiki testing, please do the following:
    ✔️Send an email to requesting to create an account on the wiki
    ✔️Provide the username you would like to use for the wiki.
    ✔️Your username is *not* tied to your username but you are welcome to use that username or any other that you choose
    ✔️The wiki admins will then create the account using your email address / provided username and you will receive confirmation. That’s it!

    Thanks and we look forward to testing this new infrastructure out with all of you.


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