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siglerpedia user / log in

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    Hi – hopefully this post triggers alerts to all of you who had questions regarding the wiki.

    The wiki is back up and running and detailed instructions to participate can be found at this link:


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    Speaking of dreams, I want The Crypt TV-series during my lifetime, big screen movie would be nice too.

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    Please note those quotation marks around “soon.” Our FDØ & DøD are perpetually busy getting us new content, so this has been on the back burner for a while. I’ve been wanting to tinker with the Siglerpedia since December 2014. Personally, I’d rather they continue to concentrate on new content. Maybe we’ll get Mount Fitzroy by 2020. A Junkie can dream…..

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    Hang tight; there is an upgrade to the Siglerpedia backend software that is coming “soon” and will allow you to contribute once again. Unfortunately, the current Siglerpedia is read-only.

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    I wanted to update siglerpedia, but could not do it because log-in is required.
    Is there a separate user system as logging in on the does not work?
    Also, I could not find a way to create a new siglerpedia account, there is only an option to log in or retrieve password.
    Anyone knows how it works?

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