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Siglerpedia Issues

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    could you get me more details about the problems you had? I have been beating this super-beta wiki-integration module for drupal to death by fixing bugs lately.

    Could you try logging out and logging in into the site and try editing something over the media wiki page?



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    Hi there,

    Looks like another Junkie fixed the page name based on your suggestion. 

    In regards to creating a new page….if an exisiting page has a term in orange font, just click on that term and it will automatically create a new page for that term (orange hyperlink=term that doesn’t exist in the wiki).

    Another way is to use the search function (halfway down the left side of the wiki page) to search for the term.  If it doesn’t exit, it gives you this message:

    There is no page titled "xxxx". You can create this page.

    The phrase "create this page" is also an orange hyperlink…click on that and the new page based on your searched term will be created.

    PM me if you need any additional help. Have fun updating the wiki!

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    I know what you are talking about. It says that Earthcore was podcasted in 2000.


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    Ok I have noticed some things with the Siglerpedia that I want to fix but it won’t let me. Starting with this: His name is Gredok not Greedo. How do I fix that. It wont let me its saying members only, But I am logged in. Fuck this is agrivating. Aso I wanted to add new articles for characters like John and Jew Tweety, Pookie Chang (the Rookie) etc but I cant figure out how to start a new article. Any Help?

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