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Siglerpedia errors

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    I’m another techtard when it comes to wiki’s. I find that hilarious since I used to maintain my former employer’s web site, but looking at what’s left of it, it’s so boring and basic that I’m almost ashamed of it, lol.

    Anyway, when I had my creepy moment with Kayla Meyer’s voice in my head when I posted on the Ancestor episode #19 thread, my curiousity led me to the wiki and I noticed she’s not listed on the characters page. Kayla’s a sick lil bitch, but I kinda like her!

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    Delhome, why not create a page in the Wiki and dink around with it, learn what works and what doesn’t? If you’re in the Wiki we’d love to have you fix things if you see them, add things if they are missing, etc. Create a page that you can’t break, then mess around with it whenever.

    Any input to the Siglerpedia is greatly appreciated, and will end up helping to entertain the millions (and millions) of Junkies to follow in your footsteps.

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    There isn’t anything that breaks that can’t fixed 🙂 The most important part of the wiki is the text and facts…links and formatting are the icing but the wiki is nothing without the facts. I’d encourage you to try again … every little bit helps and I’m more than open for questions. Laughing

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    I tried adding to Siglerpedia and nearly broke it and I work in IT 😉 lol

    aka nilling

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    I am such a techtard… that I’m afraid to touch the wiki because I think it would explode… And I’ve never edited a wiki… so I wouldn’t know where to begin…

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    Delhome, not sure if you’re following a protocol here, but you have the option of fixing things like missing quote marks and even factual errors. However it works for you is fine.

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    Glad to see someone is looking at my articles even if just to crticize them. Though to be honest if that is the worst that is found I’ll be pretty happy.


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    I’ll get these updated. Any and all help with the Wiki is appreciated!

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    Mum-O-Killowe’s siglerpedia page has a couple of errors on it.

    Mum-O-Killowe is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Mum-O-Killowe is the backup Defensive Tackle for Krakens first-string defensive tackle Mai-An-Inkole and is the first alien Teammate Quentin Barnes meets. His number is 93.”

    Quentin meets Denver and Milford First

    Quentin the Mum-O-Killowe hits very hard and has not concept of the difference between practice and a game. While he never met Quentin on the football field prior to joining the Krakens Quentin’s fame had preceded him; Mum-O-Killowe tells Quentin In his gutteral Ki Language that he “had hope Quentin Would be on another Tier 2 team so Mum-O-Killowe could cripple the Purist Nation native.

    #1, there is no ending ” after the the quote.

    #2, he ACTUALLY said has that he prayed to the Ki gods that Quentin was on another Tier 2 team so that he could cripple him.

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