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Siglerfy Your Browser, or else…

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    I had it bookmarked but had never actually put in on the browser.  It’s there now!!!!

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    OK so I am so used to just typing in the URl and don’t use bookmarks much. 

    I stop by enough this will be so much easier.


    it’s done. 

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    Easy access!

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    Just did it to my browser….makes it so much easier to ease the shakes!

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    It’s the only bookmark on my bookmark bar as of a couple of hours ago, thanks to this topic. Maybe I’ll get around to doing a screen capture to commemorate the occasion.

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    i gots the general topics on my firebox bar under most visited website…

    I <3 firefox….

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    Hey Scott and all:

      I am ashamed at how many times I had to update this one little new thread before I FINALLY got it right. I’d never put up a picture on this site, so after some reading, I had to re-visit (Many moons ago I was up there & THANK GOD my log in was via yahoo)! Or it would have been ugly.

      Got my screenshot up on flickr under my own account. Haven’t figured out how to put it up with all the other cool junkies photos yet… But I digress. Got a link to it up on this site on first try, but then I had a real brain fart about getting the actual screen shot showing up in the message.

      I shudder to think of what the webmaster/admin must have thought! Jeez. Put 2 versions of lovely HTML right in my text via the "cut & Paste" from’s instructions on how to "share". Great. I’m a jerk. So back to reading your simplier instructions. Ugh. I hate this!

      So I copied the bracketed command and substituted my photo’s #. It worked, but the picture was so tiny . Oh shit: the "size = s" means "small, medium, or large". Well, one more update and it is perfect. (I’m praying I don’t get booted off the site for "excessive stupidity"!

      Feel better Scott?

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    I’ve done that bookmarking on my Firefox. Ezz cool!!

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    Hey Junkies! We’ve bought the books, been to the bars and are hooked on everything else our FDO™ does. But there’s another thing we can do. Get your browser shaped-up, bookmark it baby and correctly, like this:


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