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  • Wow…I am new to this site…Its really cool and feel good.Greetings from automotive lubricants in UAE.

    Thank you so much BigJohn, very helpful! I will definitely check out that page. You are awesome!

    Hi Tiffany,

    What to wear: comfortable clothes; almost the entire time is spent inside the casino. You’ll be surprised at how bright the sun is after 2 or 3 days inside. 🙂 Most attendees wear their sigler-related t-shirts and apparel (like hats, jerseys, etc.) but it’s by no means required. Dress comfortably, and expect that the ac may make it a bit chilly.

    Incidentals to pay for: Transportation to and from the casino, the cost of a movie if you join us on Thursday night, and if you like to drink, bring bar money. You also will need to feed yourself. There is a nice buffet breakfast that is inexpensive on Friday and Saturday, and a bit more expensive on Sunday. There is also a regular restaurant to get breakfast at. For lunch, most people head to the food court, which has a Sbarros, Fuddruckers and I think a Subway. There are also a number of restaurants on premise to choose from, or you could walk to the nearby Irish Pub, which has good Irish Pub Grub.

    Also, there are always fun things to buy that are Sigler-related. T-shirts and books, and Scott Pond usually has some really neat stuff for sale, including posters, t-shirts, calendars, etc.

    As for timing of events – if you have Facebook, hop over there and join the group “Sigler Junkies” – last year’s agenda with timings is posted to the group in the Files section. Generally, things kick off on Thursday night when we meet at a bar, chill and do a meet-and-greet, then head up to a movie. Sigler Programming starts Saturday morning around 9am, though many people meet for buffet breakfast first. Programming usually ends around 2-3, with time to grab lunch before bowling which lasts a few hours. Same thing on Saturday Night, except replace bowling with karaoke.

    Hope that helps!

    Okay, so my husband and I are new junkies. We will be attending Siglerfest this year, what do I need tto bring, wear, extras to pay for, and what time does it start and end on those days. Sorry for the questions and thanks for the help!


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