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Siglerfest 2015

  • I had a great time @ Siglerfest2K15! Was wonderful to meet everyone.
    I also had an Alice in Wonderland-like acid trip of a ride from the Orleans to the Vegas airport due to a shuttle driver that I suspect may have been off her meds. It was so bizzare I had to write it up in case you’re interested. My ride to the Vegas airport

    You’ll get a SiglerFest t-shirt and we’ll have team t-shirts for sale. Plus we always have a couple of extra jerseys (depending on if they’ll fit you) for loaning.

    But you in the pic is the essential part — not the gear. You could wear hot pink for all we care, as long as you’re in the shot!

    I wish I had more time and more money to have bought a Kraken jersey for my son and I. Will we be to out of place just in Black shirts? or will there be possibilities to purchase any Kraken merch there? Sorry new to Siglerfest so I’m going to ask a bunch of stupid questions.

    No, @freakopedia, a movie has not been selected yet. My understanding is that we’ll do that Thursday evening. Wednesday at the earliest.

    Hello everyone, Long time Junkie first time going to Siglerfest. Bringing my oldest son whom I turned onto all the Sigler books. As a bonus for him going it’s his birthday on the 10th. You get to be the rip age of 25 only once :). I hope to get to know more of the junkies. See you all there…..
    Oh yeah has a movie been picked out yet for Thursday night?


    ……. O…k?

    @Mario Spampinato:

    What is Body Maim?

    What is this Body Main event, some sort of surgery show down? If so, is that a time limit, I had surgery 2 years ago.

    Because I believe it’s an offical event this year. Voodoo is coming up with a World’s Strongest Man type event list and scoring system, (and no, he is not letting me in on the what/how of any of it,).

    I also understand that there will either be a trophy or belt presented to the winner that yes, they will get to take home with them on the condition that they bring it back, (or send it back if they can’t attend,) for the next tourney at SiglerFest2K16, (assuming it’s a success and John McCain doesn’t crack down on us for human cockfighting,).


    See, people? THIS is the level you’ll have to step your game up to compete in Body Maim. If you’re not willing to leave a toe in Vegas for maybe a bottle of Ripple and a kick to the ass, enjoy the view from the cheap seats.

    I’ve gone head-to-head with @bigjohn on numerous occasions and you have to dig deeper than James Cameron was in Fuck Me, This Is Deep 1, (or whatever that sub was called,) just to GET to the championship rounds with him, let alone what you have to come up with to walk out of them alive.

    @bigjohn, wtf is @athanas talking about w/this “sign up” nonsense?

    Since when did BODY MAIM become frakkin’ civilized? I’ll be going under the knife soon myself; how ’bout us gimps tag team that whiny little bitch?

    @athanas BAH! I just had my SPINE CUT OPEN in preparation!! It will be brung’d!!!

    Don’t ANYONE go in thinking they’re taking my title. I’m the defending champ for a reason and if you’re not willing to bleed, don’t even bother signing up.
    It’s getting REAL real.

    It’s casual through the weekend, but I’d suggest bringing things to sign to the meeting room during the day and catching him during a break (not hard to do). That way you don’t have to lug stuff around to the bars and bowling alley, etc. Safer.

    How does @scottsigler handle autographing at SiglerFest? Do y’all try to set aside a few hours for it or is it just casual all throughout the weekend?

    Odds are looking better for my attendance at this point. Best guess is 60/40 in favor of my being able to go. Won’t really know until I make it through my next surgery. Keeping fingers crossed. I really want to make it to a SiglerFest in Las Vegas. The inaugural one at Balticon was a frakkin’ blast and that one was tiny in comparison to what I’ve heard about what y’all have done at the Orleans!

    Hey Jim!

    Yes, Scott will be at Dragon*Con, and once the schedule is posted (normally in mid-August) we’ll post his panels here on the main page of the blog.

    And most late nights at D*C he can be found for at least a little while in the Hilton bar.



    I know this doesn’t fit in Siglerfest 2015, but I was wondering if Scott was going to DragonCon and how can I make sure to see him.

    We will probably be getting in sometime in the afternoon.

    Indeed Shawn HOW CAN YOU NOT???

    we’ll be going to a movie around that time, in the hotel. No idea what’s playing yet, but we always pick the zaniest option that starts between 10pm and 11pm. When you arrive, check either Brendan’s Irish Pub for Junkies, or Scott’s tweet stream (or mine) to find out what movie we ended up at!



    Booked flight and hotel! What time is anything going down Thursday night? I won’t be getting to the hotel until 10pm-10:30pm but I will try and find you all!

    Wow, the flights and room rates are so low how can I NOT go to this?

    Yup, Duluth, MN to Las Vegas is about 1900 miles, google maps puts the drive at about 28 hours. Which is nice because I’ll be able to stop along the way at UNOmaha and see my sister during her rounds.

    28 hours? Sweet Jesus! And here I thought 11 was a right bitch.


    Registration? Check!
    Hotel reservations? Check!
    Car rental? Confirmed!

    Who’s ready for a road trip to hang out with a bunch of cool people?
    This guy(and the girlfriend), this is going to be interesting. Let’s hope she still loves me after 28 hours in a car. Any good ideas for audiobooks?

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