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Sigler to Conquer the Daily Show?

  • I think it’s time we make our voices really heard, and E-mail bomb Comedy Central to get Sigler on the only news show worth watching.

    You can direct E-mail it probably goes to the interns, but it’s time to freak crown out that his fans got him on to a talk show before they did. they deal with people making news, and Scott is on the list.

    I suggest making it a little personal.

    This is what i wrote..


    Daily Show Crew,

    Not sure who will get this, but it’s time you got a raise!

    I’m a loyal follower of the Daily show for most of my news, and since I know you folks like to be ahead of the curve it’s time you guys Got Scott Sigler on the show ( He’s a number one podiobook author, who is releasing his third book ( his first hard cover) on April first.

    Last year he ran his horror novel Ancestor into the top ten on, this year he plans to hit the NY times bestsellers list with ‘Infected’ ( I’m pretty sure I won’t be the first E-mail to hit this Box,  I really hope you will pass this on.

     Remember keep it nice and on message… 

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