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sigler science

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    compared to gravel in your 4 shoes

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    or does the human in the background there look kinda like Dick Cheney? I suppose he looks like a lot of crusty old white dudes though 🙂

    Good story, but some of the tech didn’t make sense. They could withstand tripping a land-mine nuke, but an avalanche would kill them? How does that make sense?

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    quite enjoyed it too

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    I haven’t read the accompanying story yet, but these creatures look like they flew right out of the Siglerverse!!


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    is Sigler Science a cousin of Sigler Stank?

    if so…. put those together.. …

    well… you know what they say…Cousins Make Dozens…

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    In general I think that Scott’s science is very good, especially the genetics stuff. I think he dropped the ball on the cool suit t though. The problem is that you gotta have a way to carry the heat away and as the outside temperature goes up it gets tougher to do so, kind of like an A/C unit trying to cool your house on 110 degree day. Heat pumps also take a lot of energy and can be big and bulky. So I guess that if you are in for a dime (orange aliens) your in for a buck (magic cool suits).


    BTW, I have a real "Cool Shirt" that I use when I’m working in a Tivex suit on 100 degree Texas days. It circulates ice water through tubes to cool the wearer off. In about 15 minutes I’ve generated enough heat so that my bag of ice needs to be replaced. I wish I had one of Scott’s Kool Suits.

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    there are Damned Dirty Junkies who mold the minds of tomorrows leaders, thinkers, inventors, and world shakers
    i find it kind of exciting myself, giving siglerism a headstart by planting the seeds of SIGLERISM early in young and impressionable minds
    (take that, dr. horrible, oh, btw, love your show)

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    being of rocktopi descent.

    its a genetic crossbreed only Sigler is capable of creating.


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    i got nine (of course they are from students and i have them on a neckless i wear while beating … er … teaching my students)

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    i love the science in all of the novels so far. i’m in the biotech/biodefense industry and this stuff is right up my alley. everytime he says "spore" or "blastocyst" i go "eep!" and get all ‘cited cause i’m nerdy like that. and he gets it all in the right order, too, i love that. all of the gene sequencing and mitosis and embryonic development in ancestor was geek heaven.

    although i still have to see how those monsters in nocturnal have managed to live such long lives, so we’ll see about this Wink

    the only thing that ever bothered me was the description of the ancestor having a crocodile snout. since, its the ancestor of mammals, not reptiles.

    otherwise, 6 thumbs up!

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