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Sigler is a Hypocrite… (spoilery)

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    Please help to ensure that Dollhouse gets a full first season!! You can buy it on iTunes, watch it on Hulu, or watch it Friday nights 9/8C on Fox. Let’s make sure Joss doesn’t get fucked by Fox again!  

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    It seems our FDO is a hypocrite…

    So I’m sick today.  Can’t really get out of bed, finished Contagious last night (don’ think it has anything to do with it…Undecided) but anyhow figured I’d go back and read some of the old AMC blog entries of Scott’s that I never read before.

    I found this one:

    Shame Sigler, shame!  You too didn’t teach good parenting skills to your Jewell family.  See you are just perpetuating bad parenting!  

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