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Sigler FTW!!

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    I was holding off on buying my copies so I could get them at the same time I order the new on on April 1, but when I heard in the Bloodcast that they’d be disappearing from Amazon until ’09, I had to place my order immediately.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

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    Ok so I just was listening to the last podcast which was very good. Congrats Sigler I think you are building a fanbase. Hehe. Anywho I just wanted to say to the Junkies, and Scott I hope you can appreciate this. Earthcore and Ancestor, Junkies lets Sell that sh*t out on! Lets grab up all the copies we can. Face it, when Sigler takes over the world in the next five years thems are gonna be some “Collector Items.” Thats right! I mean how cool would it be to own an Original book before Scott pulls em off amazon. I know I need new copies. I have “Siglerfied” many friends already. I am in need of new copies. So lets stand up Junkies before he pulls him. Lets Sell em’ out! Who is with me?

    Oh and Scott, How do sleep at night you sick F***?

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