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Sigler books on Bittorent? HAHAHA! Ah, pointless…

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    Tells you how many times I have used Bittorent  


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    Content on P2P sharing sites isn’t always put out there for illegal uses.  In fact, there are lots of legal and constructive ways to share large files or self created content in convenient distribution method P2P environments offer. 

    My point here is not to defend the platform but rather to let you know that the FDO’s works were uploaded intentionally as part of an effort to distribute the 50 hours of free content for Junkies to share with families and friends.  If you refer to this thread you’ll see that the FDO made the 50 hours of free content available for download from both and through BitTorrent. It was placed on the P2P site intentionally for use by those who preferred that distribution method. Nothing nefarious about it. wink


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    we can always throw the non-believers to the pack of Ancestors that keep stalking me…

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    they know nothing of this Sigler infected world 😛

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    the entire book, not just the episodes that have been released in podcasts. In a way this could count as illegal piracy, so…

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     but they are still net-tards. people still have this idea that if you want something for free you need to go to bittorrent to get it. not so with podcasting.i laugh at their stupidity


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    they have to purchase a free book, found elsewhere? does that make them net-tards?


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  • Probably some of the same idiots who re-package books from Project Gutenberg.
  • But who is more stupid, the people that do it, or hte people that actually BUY the stuff? 
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Well fellow junkies, this is a little something I just found out about due to my curiosity being peeked. Apparently, Sigler’s mainstream aduio books (Infected, Contagious) are available at several torrent locations. Don’t ask me why. Apparantly, some do not know of the grand and glorious society that we enjoy here.

Plus, I just find it funny that Sigler, one of the first ever pioneers of the Podiobook medium, is availably on bittorent, when he’s ALREADY available for free here.


Any comments? What does Sigler have to say about this?

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