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Sigler At Dinner

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    They had run out of booster seats and he had to sit on his knees.


    Way to go Bubbah!!!

    chicken scissors
    chicken scissors
    chicken scissors

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    wife hits me ever time i call her that, now my 15yrold calls me the same (he’s 6’+) daughter it seems is stuck at 5′ even. there are definate advantages to being short and obvious disadvantages.
    the voices have no height issues as they have no body, so its all good there
    but they do say something about power coming in small packages, ie. tnt, black holes, etc..
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Harlan Ellison: 5′ 5″
    Rod Serling: 5′ 4″

    I’m tempted to say Q.E.D. here, but doubtless someone has even more evidence.

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    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Like the man bad guy from Shriek 1? Farqwaa something?

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    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Short people have has many neck injuries as really tall people. You tend to look up/down for conversations.

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    I’d hit it…
    Live every week like it’s Shark Week!

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    Having the Napoleon complex can be very beneficial. Ever a met a coxswain* without one?

    *coxswain is the member of a crew (rowing team) who sits in the stern facing the bow, steers the boat, motivates the rowers, and coordinates the power and rhythm of the rowers.

    ….I love fluffy bunnies


    ps – I’m a cox.

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    It’s a known fact that everyone who has ruled the world has been 5-foot-6 or shorter. We have more blood flowing to our brains instead of up and down our bodies, like all y’all. That’s just science. I feel sorry for you tall people. You will be the first to die. Good day.

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    I expected some one taller
    but only short people want to role the world so no real surprizes there.

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    I had dinner with Siggie and Evo Terra when they were in NYC the other day.

    We had some timing issues… “How many flashes does that (%$#($& thing do?”


    We resolved the timing issues… and I got Evo smiling… Siggie had flown out for some publisher meetings on a redeye from the West Coast the night before. One Pork Slapper later, he was feeling a bit tired…



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    Alright, we’ve all seen Siggie… either we’ve stalked him, or we’ve seen him at a meetup. Share your photos here… the Flickr input item makes it easy to put them in.

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