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Sigler at B&N Seattle

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    I’m a little late to the party, but I have photos to share too! Back in January, our wonderous FDO graced the lowly peons of Seattle, WA with a visit and little reading to promote Contagious. The talky talk bits were mesmerizing! The reading otherwordly! I was so blown away by the sheer ossumness of it all that when I raised my hand to ask a question, I promptly forgot what it was I was going to ask. Yes, I think I died on the spot from utter embarassment. HOWEVER, after respawning and remembering my question, I worked up the courage to ask his mighty personage to do a "you’re listening to…" spot on my OWN podiobook due to come out this summer. As he said yes (!) I once again died, but from sheer joy at being granted some of His Great Bloodiness’s attention and living to tell the tale! I respawned a few moments later to take the following photograph with said embodiness of teh ossum:


    And just as a bonus (scuse the blurry):


    Thanks Scott! 

    The Dreamer’s Thread…a podiobook coming to you this summer!

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