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Sigler Ascension Day Sale!

  • All been shipped, but sometimes the media mail takes a little bit. Please email me directly at if you still don’t have yours by Friday. (Also, if you’re not in the US, sometimes a few stray packages can take *forever* to arrive, so we’ll have to manage that case-by-case.)

    Also, no, no need to worry that the order history doesn’t contain your Ascension Day order. You didn’t order through the site system, but rather with a paypal link. Won’t show up there.

    all been shipped? :S cant wait till I get mine, the first person I meet who can read a food label will get a copy.

    edit: should i be worried that my order history doesnt contain the paperbacks?

    @TheMad Jew: A few, but most of those got them yesterday. Must be a small back-log at the USPS. They’ve all been shipped!

    I was wondering if anyone else has not gotten there order from the sale.

    Just wanted to put a note out there about how much I enjoyed getting my package today containing “The Rookie” and “The Starter”. Somehow I got the impression that they were going to be the traditional crappy print, small sized paperbacks; but I was so pleased to see that they are large, clean printed trade paperbacks. Looking forward to putting them on my shelf. Just quickly paging through The Rookie, I love that there is a timeline of the events leading up to the formation of the GFL. Well done to all the people involved in making this happen!

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