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  • Yeah, I’ve searched everything, opened all the boxes, even looked in some other things to make sure I had not stashed it there for safe keeping. I was pretty sure I had put it in with my Ancestor paperback, which I have.

    Are you *sure* it’s not hidden in one of the boxes or you stuck it somewhere else for safekeeping (maybe your car or in between sheets or something)?

    I just went through two moves and have panicked several times trying to find things. I tried to group like things together but books are heavy and I got to a point where things don’t all fit where you want them to and some of my stuff ended up in weird places.

    Thieves do suck, so I do hope it wasn’t thieves! Why not just ask the people who helped you pack if they remember seeing it? Perhaps one of them will remember putting it somewhere or just asking will be enough to tug on the conscience of the thief and it will be returned.

    Hope you find it! That is quite a loss. 🙁

    If there is one thing I hate, it’s thieves…

    My signed copy of Earthcore seems to have gone missing between my move from the apartment to the house I bought. I had a few people helping me pack up all my stuff, I easily had over 40 boxes of books, games (video and board), and magazines.

    I’ve gone through EVERY box I have and yeah, it’s no where to be found.

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