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Siggy I thought you were better then this.

  • So…does that mean Rex might have a dormant REX inside of him? Nahhaa.

    I do think he would be THAT obvious

    how many stories have characters with names the forshow there true calling??
    or have names the reflect their occupation??
    i am sure this is not the first time the sigmeister (DAMN HIM) has done this?
    and so what? it does not mean we can tell WHAT is gonna happen, just the rex is VERY important to the story and we already knew that
    sorry for ranting, i teach teenagers and sometimes……………..
    thank god for sigler (DAMN HIM) is all i can say……….
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    more subtle?!?

    Despite the reference with the name and the recurring “long live the king” line, thus far it’s not striking me as much more than foreshadowing at this point…


    Or maybe next time he could be………subtler………


    I agree with NADMIMW – hearing this tidbit about king and rex has totally ruined this story for me. Now I know exactly what type of creature we’re dealing with, why the cops are covering for them, why they targeted existing gangs, what happened to the kid with the broken arm……everything, just ruined.

    Thanks a lot….


    AllI wanted was someone to comment on the actual subject. THANK YOU.

    Nice (though sort of obvious) play on words, though it’s one of those things that I bet you a lot of people won’t catch at first.

    Spoilers, I don’t care about no stinking spoilers. If the episodes have been released to the general public on the feed, then the content is fair game in my eyes. Folks who aren’t caught up have to look out for themselves IMHO… Anybody in the world who uses the internet might blog, post or talk about the content that’s out there.


    If you haven’t listened to the newest episode thats not my fault or problem.What kind of junkie can wait any amount of time to listen?(you junkie poser)

    What I started this thread about was Siglers use of the King/Rex thing.Now I have you two telling me I’m a spoiler, witch to me is a insult , And no one commenting on the subject of the post.

    So fuck you and fuck this whole dam glitchy site.

    P.S. fuck your mother too

    Its not about something you got that no one else did. Its that someone might not have listened as far ahead as you. It doesn’t really bother me I just wanted to clarify.

    All I have is the same four episodes everbodie else got,I’m sorry if I picked up on something you didn’t.

    I’ve created a Spoiler discussion under the Nocturnal forum. I know that I’ll be abusing it very soon. Have fun!

    Applause to Blazer for his detective work… I’m a big fan of using ones powers of observation to dissect a situation. However, in the future, considering that this story is still in mid-release… If you have some information, either gathered through observation or hard intel, please refrain from posting it on the forums, as I’m sure some junkies may consider this sort of thing a spoiler. Truthfully, I’m not even sure if what we’re talking about IS a spoiler. But for the sake of the other junkies, if you have something that you think may affect a future part of the story, maybe you can ask Sig about your suspicions so that he can either confirm or deny them using the private message system of
    Again, props to Blazer.

    Naming the kid Rex, and now killers leave a Don’t mess with the “king”. Fuck dude, maybe next time you can be a little suttler,maybe use a fucking sledge hammer .

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