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Should there different (or youth) version of The Rookie?

  • I say there should be another version of The Rookie… And it should include the first…. 27 chapters… of The Starter…

    Yes, I’m a hick, whats your point?

    Western Carolina Lady Catamounts beat the College of Charleston Lady Cougars 101-87 in a record 3 overtimes

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    to really grow the audiance more and expose alot more people o the greatness of Siglerism. Therefor, I AM all for it. ūüôā

    "When i say your dumb name step forward and forsake all other before your new digital ruler…"


    I AM not just junkie, I AM a pusher man (5000 and climbing) & I AM Sadocks Tangent Brother.

    I think you should have a youth version, but don’t just do a simple find/replace on f*** with shuck. We all know that we use f*** in a variety of ways to mean a variety of different things. Universally replacing the word with shuck and shucking just doesn’t work. I think it would be better to take a lead from the FireFly TV series (Serenity movie). The curse words in that series are made up words that contain sounds and pieces from a number of languages. That makes more sense in a universe hundreds of years from now as human cultures will have continued to merge and affect each other. I read the novel on my phone, and every time I stumbled upon an instance of shuck, it bothered me because it was just stuck out like a audio bleep on TV.

    i agree the overall picture will be the same, but the picture will be dimmed a little. 

    ala Scott the FDO lite….¬†


    Of course this man will be buying a couple copies to put in the High Schools he goes to work at. 

    the other teachers were a little taken aback when I showed up and put ancestor and earhcore on

    the shelf. but when infected and contagious showed no one blinked. 

    ¬†I feel assured that the plot and content isn’t going to change at all. My understanding is that all he’s doing is altering the language a la BSG. So I expect the violence will stay the same, but we will see.

    Thank you, George Hrab, for composing and performing the acoustic version of brainsbodyboth. Humorous yet poignant, and you gave me a theme song. I miss Ally <sigh>

    interesting. I agree, how will this play out.

    I’m interested to see how the bar fight and Mopook’s demise translate into a YA version.

    Will you go the Battlestar Galactica route and invent new swear words?

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    ¬† I’m stoked about the idea of a YA version for kids.¬† My son hears me talk about Scott Sigler and explaing to people about my Krakens jersey and wants to read this book but it is just a bit much for a 10¬† yr old.¬† Both my kids and all my friends know that Scott Sigler is my favorite author and my son just wants to be a part of that fun too.¬† If this gets made I can see me buying the boy a jersey too!¬† I need a copy of this and Ncternal for the shrine.



    I’m not real bright, but I’m consistant.

    I don’t know if I am agreeing to the right thing but, I have read a YA book called King Dork that is very funny and has some foul-mouthyness *sp*. A quote from the book is something like this.

    "Fucking bitch."

     Iwas appaled at what Sam said. He hardly ever swore. He got caught by the jocks saying crotch instead of balls and got swirlies for a week.


    Are that you singing???

    If kids are anything like I was,¬†those¬†who are likely to enjoy this type of story probably don’t read much youth-oriented fiction anyway.¬† I’m also opposed to the¬†child-friendly bubble-wrapping of society on general principle.

    -Yeah yeah, I’ll come to bed in a minute. Stop nagging me!

    IIRC, YA isn’t for high schoolers.¬† And while I know that kids can have a dirtier vocabulary than a sheltered nun, to get it published for younger readers that shit isn’t going to fly.

    And it’s not like they can’t read the YA version, then go online and find the regular version.¬† But, getting it published in another format means that our dear FDO can get new recruits.


    AMP #1 (Additcted to Many Podcasts, in this case, a Junkie)

    I work in schools as well as some of the People you have talked to.


    for High School students what they hear in the hallway of their schools is way beyond what is in

    this book.


    in my experience kids will not like a watered down book. The kids I work with, tend to look for

    most shocking book that will cause some of their teachers or parents to have a heart attack. 

    Hell when I was in school we used to sneak books out that had anything to do with sex or swearing.


    I give the kids the titles of books and if they can get them in the public library they do.


    Our kids see more in theatre, GET REAL.. 

    He says he hates to read but loves comic books. This might just help all of us frustrated mothers.

    This won’t hurt a bit.

    can’t wait to read the clean version.


    Are that you singing???

    The cussing isnt really neccesary, and it’ll spread your greatness to a larger auidience.
    When will it be out?
    Nate Dogg… The only signature I need is my fist.

    Nate Dogg… The only signature I need is my fist.

    I’ve decided to publish THE ROOKIE in hardcover, with eight color plates inside showing aliens and team logos, but go with the "cleaner" version. All the feedback I’m getting is telling me people would love that. While the die-hard audience would like the original version, it seems you all would also accept a cleaner version. Basically, I’m just changing swear words, not any part of the plot. So, I can satisfy most of my existing fan base, yet sell a great story to kids that like scifi, sports, or escapism in general. If it gets kids to read, it’s worth it.

    do both, obvious reasons

    ¬†Definitely 2 version, I’m all for the kids reading Sigler but I need my violence, bloodand swearing.


    "They don’t want to help you, they want to kill you!"

    I definatly have friends that will love this and get their first dose of siglerism because my school library doesn’t have INfected yet. The rookie will be great for classrooms and schools.


    Chasity, do not put that in your mouth!

    Honestly nothing wrong with it.. unless of course you start writing about some pansey wizard school… then we got problems.

    football is big businewss, and not many fiction books handle it the way you did.¬† And kids are good.. and junk…


    "If it has ram. I can Crash it"

    As long as the majority of the storyline stays intact, why not?

    Hell, it worked for the 2 Live Crew… ūüėõ

    Outcast – A Podcast Novel

    ‘There is a fine line between honour…and stupidity…’

    There’s something wrong about having a pro-sport story written by the FDO with no swearing and cleared up, but that’s the YA publishing world for you…

    But, it’s really cool that Scott’s been contacted for this.¬† Promoting literacy is really cool- and it is a chance to get Baby Junkies while they’re young…. And perhaps get some parents into the FDO’s Revolution too.

    I think it might be a good idea, but. Kids already talk like this. I know I did.

    But I guess if it keeps the same tone and story then why not go for the young.


    I also find it interesting that people are afraid of the words but not the extreme violence. WTF is wrong with people? 



    ***Edited, due to extreme length.¬† The FDO want’s shorter post, he’s trying to get new junkies¬†

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    General George S. Patton Jr.

    Hell yer go for it, if thats why you want a clean version of the novel get it out there. Like others say school love the idea of people getting over there race and and bring equality. It would be good at getting your name out there, But dont forget you still need to original

    the youth of the nation needs some of that alien football madness! It would sweep the charts, I tell you!

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Isn’t the Rookie all about racial, uh, I mean special equality?¬† Schools eat that crap up!¬† Make it kid friendly, push the different races getting along angle, and you’ll have schools making it required reading!¬† Sell them books!!!¬†

    Yeah… that’s what our educational system needs!¬† Textbooks written by the FDO!¬† They’re getting indoctrinated already, why not indoctrinate them into Siglerism!

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?¬† Ain’t I just)

    The rookie could be considered, at its core, a great underdog¬†story about a¬†man from¬†a backwater mining colony¬†who overcame¬†his racism and helped lead his team¬†against all odds to a championship.¬†Don’t forget the¬†messages about teamwork¬†

    -The OSU vs. Michigan game. 800 years of tradition and the rivalry is still strong as ever

    If it will get the kids reading, im all for a youth version of the Rookie, when they get older they’ll buy the adult version also.

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    This seems to be a hot topic and it didn’t have it’s own thread yet, so I’m starting one. Scott initially posited the idea on the Thanksgiving Goreline episode and there are several voice mails regarding the issue at the end of Nocturnal 38. There are also quite a few replies to the Goreline post in that thread. It seemed much more appropriate for it to have it’s own thread however. Also, for a project of this magnitude, Scott can certainly use *all* the feedback he can get. So sound off junkies!!

    To recap the basic rationale:

    • Scott’s been contacted by numerous teachers asking him if he’d be willing to re-write The Rookie and remove the foul language, yet leave the plot intact.
    • Educators want to use it for kids who are reading challenged because the content is so much more interesting than the other stuff they have to work with

    So what Scott wants your feedback on is should he: A) Leave The Rookie as is B) create a separate youth version or C) change the whole book so there’s only one version that is safe for all ages.

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