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Shameless Flattery

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    wow, thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I think im gonna have a good time here with you all!

    i was laying in bed last night listening to Contagious on my iphone, and i was amazed at the level of knowlege Scott seems to have of the human body and how it works. this level of detail and fact, goes a long way to making the story that much more believable and real.

    time to check out the rest of the forums and see whats going on here!

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    So very nice to meet you! … I was introduced to this author’s work by a friend’s son who praised Ancestor … of course when I went in to buy it … it was no where to be found … so I left empty-handed … months later I saw the newly published hard cover version of Infected on the shelf, recognized the author’s name and I couldn’t get it to the check out fast enough!! HOOKED! Perry is my favorite character ever! I LOVED it so much I had to share … so I passed it along with my e-mail in the front cover … (I hate myself for letting it go now) … it’s since come back to me twice … last time I saw it … it had 9 names in the front cover … so it is well loved … and looked like a freaking goat chewed on it, I think someone spilled coffee on it and it could possibly have survived a basement flooding :o( … each name or e-mail had stars and brief comments … all said they were going to buy Contageous :o) … still … is it selfish of me to wish I hadn’t passed it along? One of them better borrow me Pandemic if I haven’t found a job by then … DAMUT … I shoulda taken names … oh … back to YOU … welcome … every one is sweet, nice and very very funny here!

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    Good to read you. :3

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    And glad that you found Scott and the Junkie community. Hope to see you around here more.

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    Welcome and smoochies!!

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    PowerChucker! Infected is the story that hooked me as well. I love Scott’s podcasts. The level of work that goes into them is fantastic. One of my favorite stories now is The Rookie. I didn’t think I would like it as a huge fan of football I couldn’t believe it would make a great read but I was happily incorrect. That podcast was great as well and got me into buying Sigler’s books as well.

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    Come on into Siglerism… we won’t hurt you. No bout adout it!

    May barbarians invade your personal space!

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    Definitely great to welcome another Sigler fan!

    Jump in the fray and join in on the conversations. We don’t bite… hard Wink

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    If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll soon be making the mad rush for the rest of the Siglery goodness that is out there. Enjoy!


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    Ok, well Im new here and new to Scotts work. I stumbled upon Infected on itunes while searching for free audio books. all I can say is I listened to Infected and I am Hooked! I love the way Scott tells that story, and uses voices to make it feel more like a movie than someone reading you a story.

    the story was great, the characters were great, and I cant wait to hear more. actually, im now listening to chapter 2 of Contagious.

    sooo… Hi Everyone, nice to meet you, hope to talk to you all soon.

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