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Serious note: IKE & Junkies….

  • i may not live south but it has stoped atleast half of commercial

    traffic south and comming back, hwy i 45 giong south,both sides were opened going north is starting to get better tho.  

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

    We usually hear from her via regular e-mail, but it’s been quiet. Glad to know he’s well! (And you too, of course! Shadygirl and I are fond of entomologists and their biz.)

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    The actual hooters (aka: mommy bags) aren’t gone. Just the restaurant named after them. There are still hooters. (Breath… breath…)

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    thats it. we need to send help ASAP!!!!!!!!!

    ill get the black van and the whore net, I need someone to ride shotgun and help pay for gas.

    Assassins do it from behind

    Hooters is GONE
    other places all along the sea wall are either majorly damaged or gone
    a few places didn’t get hit too bad, but if it was near water, hit got hit, boat yards are a mess or gone, we used to vacation there in early june, looks like it will be a few yrs before it truely recovers

    i am up here in indiana and they are putting togther construction crews to come and help and bring supplies! 

    we have alot of places here that are without power just from the wind we got from the hurricane so i can’t even imagine what everyone down there is going through.  good luck! sorry you have to deal with the dumbass fema people!

    any other junkies in the Houston area? Hope you all are doing good. Glad to hear that she’s doing good.


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     Gatorrock, thanks for the update on MuchAdo…I’ve missed her around the last few days but I am very glad to hear she is well and able to assist others.  Please give her my best if you have a chance to speak to her soon.

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    Well good news, I have heard from MuchAdo — she is fine, but no power or water.  She lives in part of Houston that was hit hard.

    Of course MuchAdo, being MuchAdo she was out delivering Ice around her neighborhood when I finally got through. 

    She may have no power or water, but some people have faired much worse. 

    So good news overall there… if people know some of the others, please let us know!

     no it doesn’t hurl insults at you. but it can help to evaporate all the water, and if there are any alien shapeshifters Kurt Russell can use it to kill them.

    P.S. on a serious note having just moved from Florida and all of its wonderful hurricane goodness, I have already given to the red cross. hope it helps.(didnt know that I should have waited…sorry)

     Assassins do it from behind

    Hey All-

    first never feel bad if you already gave!  Please that’s better than most ever do.

    As for help, right now we have to wait and see.  From the latest reports, if you know someone who makes ice and can deliver it down to houston/galveston or organizations that do that stuff, donating there is great.  Also Same for the basics needs- water/clothes/non-perishable foods.

    I’ll scan the net for some good sites let you know over the nxt few days. 

    But at the same time our lovely FEMA just need someone to go kick their ass and put them in gear.  Latest thing is them not having enough people to man phones so they keep telling folks in Houston/Galveston to visit the website!  Umm that takes electrcity dipwads!!!

    Once I hear from a few of the Junkies I’ll post….

    The other Junkies can send knives, guns, maces, axes, all the stuff you need to kill others and take away their supplies.

    Hey Sorry to be Debbie Downer here, but there are a very large number of OJ’s downin Texas, very specifically Houston area— As everyone should remember by us Houstonians getting teh word out and Dragging Sigler down to our kicking town.

    As you know IKE (yes all caps for that rat bastard) has devistated Houston/Galveston (and other areas too) really hard.  I just want o bring attention that you aren’t gonna hear from many of those junkies for a while- 

    Right now, FEMA is F-ing up as usual.  But soon, this story will be out of the media’s eye and something else will come up.  So if you want to help somehow, please think about donating to Red Cross or some other organization—but may I reccommend holding off for at least a week- as this first week is when most things will get donated- it’s after that when it is needed most!

      And obviously think good thoughts for our folks down in Houston (I’m now in England for work while my wife is going thru all this crap- but we are lucky no real damage to home/famliy/friends that we’ve heard from so far).

    If you want to read/watch more than the CNN highlights you can visit any of these sites:

    Main paper: 

    TV (should be streaming for a few more days)  (will have a link for streaming near top)

    Now resume your semi-normal lives

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