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    @madmartian: We need to talk to IDW at some point in the future and see if they would like to continue the project. To be honest, @ARealGirl and I are quite burned out on managing our own artist. If a really established artist came to us and wanted to run with it, we would have that discussion. But, that would probably take someone who has worked with IDW, so they would also feel comfortable moving forward.

    Short answer: it’s on a back burner for now.

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    are you looking for another artist in color stack to be or is it just on the back burner.

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    @occupy_my_rocktopi: It’s been cancelled. I will try to get it back online at some point in the future, but that day is not today.

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    Any updates on this? I’m guessing since we have not heard anything that Chad Minshew has not yet finished comic #2. But I’d be curious if it is still “on hold” or has it been cancelled.

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    Is there any more progress on this since October? What is the comic’s current status?

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    The series is on hold. We’re waiting for Chad Minshew, the artist and colorist, to finish the rest of the books. When he does that, IDW Publishing will put the rest of the series out, but not until Chad finishes all four remaining books.

    So right now, it’s up to Chad. I honestly don’t know if he’ll finish the project, as we’re still waiting for him to submit Issue #2.

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    Um, I just spoke to my shop and they said the same thing and refunded the remaining balance to my account. I had to pay for it up front as it was something they would not normally carry…

    No like.
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    Please say it ain’t so. I have/still am looking forward to reading the series in graphical style. According to the website it says that the current issue is 1 of 4, so I wonder if they really canceled the series it only applies to anything after the 4th issue.

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    Is postponed i think till next year cause the artist isn’t done with Issue 2. He got behind or something on his work.

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    I just spoke to my comics guy and he said the series was cancelled. Is this just a bad dream or is that just the status until the other issues are in the “can” so to speak?

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