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Sequels or new stories

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    I can’t wait for The Starter and Mt. Fitzroy

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    New stories might be setting a larger stage for some characters to appear in other stories than their originals. Hopefully that doesn’t rule out sequels though!

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    Every time he screws us on the sequel and comes out with a new book, it’s excellent…  Kind of torn and conflicted here… 

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    When the story is over, I think "Then what happened?"….. unless everyone is dead
    and all the monsters are dead and the world has ended and even then I want to know what happend next.
    With Scotts imagination and strangeness, I am sure I will love the sequels too…
    my favorite story is Infected and I want to know what happens next.  But anything new he writes is wonderful too, and may have a sequel in the future.  With Rookie, things can happen in the"Rookie Universe" that is not directly a sequel but has the same family tree and uses the unique alien races he created.
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    what do u think?

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    Sigler keeps saying that he has ALOT of sequels in the pipeline, im happy he working like crazy but other than the rookie, i would

    rather hear new stories than sequels, what about the rest of you? 

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