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Send Yourself A Note To The Past.

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    -To me circa 1979 –

    DO NOT buy that duplex, rather invest in Apple, Microsoft and Wal-Mart.

    You, 2008…

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    Dear me,

    Everything takes longer than it does. Trust me on this. Plan accordingly.

    – Prospice tibi–ut Gallia, to quoque in tres partes dividaris.

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    You suck- from the future.

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    Dear me,
    Hello from 2008.  No, you’re not dead yet but you are slightly jaded and you sometimes want to scream at ‘whippersnappers’.
    Don’t take anything for granted.  Study more – party less.  Buy up massive stockpiles of the "Today’s Sponge" before some moron who can’t follow instructions gets it taken off the market.  Always wait 2 years to buy any new technology because you’ll see the price drop like a rock. Invest in Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony.
    D’s a good guy but that’s about it.  Don’t hurt him too badly. T’s a good guy and deserves better than I gave him the first time around. C’s too frightened to make any sort of committment and if you don’t walk away, you’ll waste a year you could have spent knitting.
    Never let your car insurance lapse and go for gas efficiency instead of flash. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.  Save every penny you can because pennies don’t fall from heaven.
    Tastes Like Chicken

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    Invest in GPS technology

    you in 2008 

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

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    Do not listen to those people…including parents and high school councelors..who discourage you when you show an extreme interest in pursuing some form of the sciences. Your interests set you on the brink of many paths that lie ahead in the fields of science, engineering and space….think areospace engineering and learn all you can about computer technolgy.  Do not go out with K. he is really after your best friend and will waste several years of your life, instead,  turn around and talk to G. who sits behind you in physics.  learn about the stock market and buy stock in Apple and Microsoft when it shows up,in about 10 years,and by then you may even be pursuing a job with the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. Great things are coming. think robots and space and martians.  go for it. your dreams can come true.  oh yes…. Do Not cancel your plans to go to Woodstock, do whatever it takes, take lots of pictures.
    Me=You in 2008

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    I saw this on a different fourm, Write a note with advice/whatever to yourself in the past.


    Dear Myself in 2005,

    Google Scott Sigler. Pay more attention in school. Don’t go to school on the 2nd of February 06. Don’t quit sport. And maybe a lotto number or two.

    Love Always
    Yourself 2008

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